Sunday, July 28, 2013

stylized trees

For the theme of trees on Sunday Stamps this week, I decided to show some stylized trees because I am too lazy to look up the translations and botanical names of real trees

First off, we have all seen this one from The Netherlands (think green for a green world) Although it seems an interesting design at first, I am heartily tired of this stamp and hope it runs out of circulation soon.

This one from The Czech Republic is rather nice, except that the map of the world does not include Australia and New Zealand and other bits of Australasia. Trees are meant to walk be walked around so they are there on the other side. Perhaps two stamps, one each showing the half of the world might have been a nice idea. Nobody asked me, though. This stamp for the International Year of the Planet was issued in 2008 and engraved by Jaroslav Chadima

This Dutch version of the Europa CEPT stamp was issued in 1962. CEPT is the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations. Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Italy were the first countries to issue these EUROPA stamps in 1956, now there are over 60 countries issuing such stamps, though not all of them are actually members of PostEurop.
Now, because it is a lovely day with very little humidity, I am off to view and maybe sit under some real trees in the Royal Botanical Gardens.


  1. stylized trees are good! :) I like those designs and hadn't seen either before.

  2. I agree with you about that first stamp from the Netherlands... The other two are new to me.

    I hadn't known there was a Royal Botanic Gardens in Toronto or I might have made more of a fuss about that part of my trip to Canada being skipped. Not that a fuss could have made much difference but I do love gardens of all kinds.

  3. I see now that your Dutch tree is the same as mine from Iceland - just the colours are different.

  4. I think I much prefer the real thing lol.

  5. Well the stylised trees make a nice change and I rather like the middle one - clever design.

  6. The first design seems to be doing double duty as a person thinking as well as a tree.

  7. good idea lol the dutch do like stylized things on stamps...

  8. As you may of noticed I was too lazy to look up my leaf stamp!
    I have seen that first stamp a lot too on my Postcrossing postcards.
    Thank you for participating and I hope you had a fine day.


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