Sunday, July 14, 2013

King Gustav VI

Oscar Fredrik Wilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf, 11 November 1882 – 15 September 1973

King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden came to the throne at age 67 in October of 1950 and was, at the time, the world's oldest heir apparent to a monarchy. (so there is hope for Charles to perhaps break a record!) At his death in 1973, the monarchy was reduced to a figurehead though he still had some political power before the constitutional reforms of 1971. He was also the last Swedish king to choose a royal of equal birth for a wife. His first wife was Princess Margaret of Connaught who died before he ascended the throne.

Princess Margaret (or Margareta as she was called in Sweden) was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Albert (daughter of third son, Prince Arthur). They had five children together and she was pregnant with her sixth when she died in 1920 following surgery. Three years later, Gustaf Adolf married Lady Louise Mountbatten who was a sister to Lord Mountbatten and aunt to Prince Philip. Her mother's cousin was Princess Margaret. Both Queen Louise and her stepchildren were great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

This 25 ore blue stamp is a Type I (1951-57) with coloured numbers and letters and has no initials of designer or engraver. Type II (1957-1961) has coloured numbers and letters but also the initials of designer and engraver and Type III (1961-71) has white numbers and letters with the initials of designer and engraver.
(and yes, I know I spelled his name wrong in the title)
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..... and as a side note, I went to my first Postcrossing Meetup yesterday. There were 12 of us who met over lunch, including the lone male and international participant who drove 3 hours from Michigan!

If anyone would like an official postcard from the meetup, email me your address.


  1. That genealogy seems very complicated. I remember that stamp from when I had a Swedish penpal when I was young.

  2. I never would have noticed the mistake...
    Thank you finding a king stamp for this week. Hope to see you next week!

  3. I have that stamp and 9 others ranging up to 85 ore. I missed that the 25 has no designer/engraver details.


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