Sunday, May 18, 2014


A Canadian FDC from 1990 - International Literacy Year
The United Nations General Assembly recognizes 1990 as International Literacy Year. Canada Post Corporation, a major carrier of the written word, also embraces this cause; in addition to issuing a commemorative stamp, it has introduced a major corporate program consisting of a number of initiatives to promote literacy and to encourage Canadians to support the cause of literacy. By issuing this stamp, and using its visual element as the basis of Canada's literacy symbol, the Corporation is supporting national and international action to combat illiteracy. Debbie Adams, a Toronto graphic artist, created a symbolic bird in flight comprised of symbols, numerals and letters from several different alphabets. It represents the sentiment that literacy leads to freedom.
~from Canada Post

An Australian FDC from1990 - International Literacy Year
For the estimated one million people in Australia who are unable to read telephone dialling instructions, newspaper advertisements and simple application forms, 1990 is a year of special significance. The United Nations has declared 1990 to be International Literacy Year, with the objective of massively reducing illiteracy by the year 2000. Pre-stamped envelope designer, Peter Viska symbolises both literacy and numeracy, a long thread spun out of darkness and confusion, becomes a key bearing the letters ABC and the numbers 123.
~from Australia Post



  1. The Australian FDC amusingly makes its point on so many different levels. Love the concept of the literacy bird. Are you making a point on the importance of literacy with the large blank space between the two FDCs and the words being hidden underneath the sidebar to the right? Intentional or unintentional it certainly highlights the world hidden to the illiterate.

  2. It's a wonderful theme. The first stamp is absolutely wonderful; a lot to say and understand in a design.

  3. Two of the best ideas on stamps that I can remember..

  4. the Australian one made me laugh! I love such characters!

  5. i really like them both, first for the kinda ethereal appearance, and the second for the great illustration idea

  6. Literacy is a great and important theme. And the stamps and FDC's are really beautiful, thank you for showing!

  7. The Canadian stamp is a great design - using the several alphabets in such a way. Wow.
    Innumeracy is also a problem for many - and the AUS stamps addresses that too. Great choices.
    thank you for joining us.

  8. Nice cover and envelope. And now I hear they don't even teach handwriting in school anymore. What are they possibly thinking.

  9. I've never seen text hide under the sidebar like that before!

    1. I am so confused as to why that is happening - it looks fine on my screen!

  10. Hard to choose a favorite because both are simply beautiful!!!

    Willa @ Postage Journal

  11. I like both, too, one for it's beauty and the other its humor.


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