Saturday, May 3, 2014

ten kremlins

The word “kremlin” in Russian means any medieval citadel in the center of an ancient Russian city, although it has come to be used to describe the seat of government (much as 'the White House' has in for the US). These fortresses were used to promote a rural settlement to urban status, but by the 18th and 19th centuries, they lost their strategic importance and many were torn down. Most of the surviving fortresses have now been turned into museums. There is an interesting (and brief!) history of some of these kremlins here. Although there are twelve kremlins in the set, I have only ten of these definitives.
Russian stamps is the timely theme for Sunday Stamps this week.

from left to right, with one interesting fact about each.....
Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines -

Astrakhan Kremlin was built on an island in the Volga River
Zaraisk Kremlin is the smallest with only 6 towers

Kazan' Kremlin is in Tatarstan, built at the behest of Ivan the Terrible 
Kolomna Kremlin once had 17 towers and 3 gates (only 7 of the towers are still standing)
Rostov Kremlin seems to be the only reason to visit this city
Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin is in the former city of Gorky
Novgorod Kremlin was originally a pagan burial site
Pskov Kremlin is located in one of the oldest cities in Russia, a mere 20km (12mi) from the Estonian border

Moscow Kremlin is built on a site that has been continuously inhabited since 2BC
Ryazan Kremlin is unwalled and may have been founded in 800


  1. The Kremlins are some of my favorite Russian stamps. I'm always pleased when i get one of them (usually the Ryazan Kremlin stamp) on a postcard.

  2. i have received so many of certain kremlin stamps on postcards but some i see for the first time, nice to show them all (Y)

  3. a pretty design which really suits the unusual shape.

  4. Yes I like receiving the Kremlin stamps too, it would be nice to travel round Russia to see them all.

  5. I think you have identified one of my 'Monuments' for me with the Moscow Kremlin on your stamp.

  6. Fabulous stamps and interesting piece of history too.

  7. I have received some of these too - they are pretty. thank you for participating!

  8. wow, you have the whole set here! looks awesome when one puts them altogether! I know I've received a number of these on cards and envelopes but I dont think I have them all actually :) This is for the first time actually that I can say I do not find this set boring :)

  9. That is an interesting bunch of facts, even for someone who doesn't collect stamps.

    1. I try to reach out to everyone who visits!

    2. Great group of stamps. Very pretty. And very interesting facts.

  10. I didn't know that there were so many Kremlins.


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