Sunday, May 11, 2014


Roses from Algeria
rosa odorata designed by Sid Ahmed Bentounes

These rose trees, bushes or small climbers most often have a single flower at the end of a long stem.  The elegance of the flowers and the pointed buttons, as well as the large variety of colours and scents, have meant that the tea hybrids are mainly grown for the florist.
This rose is a cross between Rosa chinensis and Rosa gigantea, grown in China for a long, long time.  Its double flowers are white, pale pink or yellowish.  It is grown in Algeria in private gardens and in a few fields. Its flowering takes place from December to June and fills the environment with its intense tea scent.
(info from Algeria Philately)

and for the 100th Anniversary of the Rose Garden, Forst (Lausitz)
designed by Thomas Serres

The town has officially been known as the Rosenstadt since 2004, and the most beautiful location has been reserved for the flower-queen in the “East-German Rose-Garden”. Ten thousands of roses of well over 900 varieties have the honour of welcome you at the 17 hectares park area, and bordered with pieces of sculpture, amphora, pergola courts and romantic waterworks. The annual “Special Days at the Rose-Garden” with the “Cut-Roses-Show” and the “Night of the 1,000 Lights” as well as the romantic guided park-tours by night with a Rose-dinner are only a few highlights in front of the enchanting park scenery. In 2009 the historic park area became awarded “Germany’s most beautiful park”, in 2013 it will celebrate its 100th anniversary!
“100 years rose-dreams close to the river Neisse” 
(from the Forst (Lausitz) website - google translation kept intact for your amusement and because I'm too tired to re-write it)



  1. Roses on Mothers Day....nice choice.

  2. I have only ever seen one Algerian stamp before so the first two were a pleasant surprise.

  3. Nice to read about these roses!

  4. Having roses bloom from December to June sounds very exotic. The German rose garden - amazing and those two seats look the perfect place to put your feet up and let the perfume drift over you.

  5. That reminds me that I should visit the Rose Garden in Minneapolis. I only visited it once when I moved here many years ago.

  6. i also have the algerian set, they are wonderful :)

  7. I love roses, esp. yellow ones!
    thank you for posting some.

  8. The Rose Garden looks beautiful and welcoming.

  9. I like the map cancellation on the Algerian roses.

  10. Once, in the garden of a house I moved into, there was a huge bush with small pink climbing roses. That alone made the house worth living in. I always think that I don't care for roses that much until I see them grow and then I appreciate them all over again.

  11. Roses are one of my favourite flowers, especially if they are scented. The Rose Garden in Forst sounds exactly the sort of place I'd like to visit.


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