Sunday, December 14, 2014

Masterpieces of Canadian Art

Both of these art stamps have a gold foil border, which looks elegant... until it gets all scratched. This series was started in 1988 and with each successive year a new stamp featuring Masterpieces of Art being issued.
first is by Jean Phillipe Dallaire (1916-1965) called "Coq Licorne" Unicorn Rooster issued 1999 from his 1954 painting                                         He is best known for his festive paintings populated by strange and macabre people. In his work, the real and the imaginary intermingle in a world of form and colour. (credit National Gallery of Canada)
next is by Alex Colville (1920-2013), Church and Horse, issued 2002 from his 1964 painting. 
Drawing his inspiration from the world around him, from the most repetitive gestures of everyday life, he placed his unsettling juxtapositions of figures, objects and animals in an ambiguous atmosphere of disquieting tranquillity, as though time were suspended. His compositions are rigorously constructed according to a precise geometry and executed with a technique that consists of minuscule dabs of paint applied meticulously dot by dot. (credit National Gallery of Canada)

For Viridian's last Sunday Stamps 
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  1. A colourful rooster but I like the next clear cut stamp.

  2. Wait... are you participating twice? ;)

    See you next week in Sunday Stamps II.

    1. yes, I am.
      and since I now get to choose the theme, it will be easier to find the stamp ;(

  3. Oh I just love Canadian stamps I send them off to everyone so they can be enjoyed. Hug B

  4. Those stamps are works of art themselves.

  5. They are great works of art, I especially like the horse image.

  6. I like the restraint of issuing one stamp a year and these are nice contrasting styles.

  7. I think the second, plainer one is my favorite.


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