Monday, December 22, 2014

ring in the holidays

A couple of months into the last winter from hell, the one that started exactly a year ago today with the ice storm that moved swiftly into the Polar Vortex and plunged into temperatures of -40C for days on end... I leapt at the chance to change one of my delivery routes to one that was inside a trio of condo buildings. (I now have 15 buildings all together, and only 10 houses, yay!) There were fewer newspapers, and a fair bit more walking, but it was INDOORS where it was all cosy and warm (and some of the elevators are put on service by the nice security guards, so I save my back from carrying all that weight). Some of these buildings are like being in a small village or a hamlet - each one has a distinct personality, even if there are several in a complex by the same developer. The lobbies are decorated with sofas and coffee tables and dressers as if you are entering a formal living room. And now they all have Christmas trees up and some have a host of decorative tchotchkes on mantles and tables that never seem to mysteriously walk off (I suppose all the security cameras help). And I have noticed that in at least one of the buildings there is a profusion of wreaths and such ornamenting the doors to the apartments. Not on all floors, mind you, but for some reason everyone on the 7th floor of the Magnolia building has taken to making their entry stand out. There are ten apartments on each floor. Walk with me on a different sort of Monday Walk for Restless Jo along the corridor....

It is hard to convey just how big some of these wreaths (and those bells!!) are. And I love the fact that except for those two longer ones with the silver balls (#10 and #3) they are all very different. I find I look forward to walking along this floor and am slightly let down as I go to the 6th floor just below and find only two lonely decorations and one of those isn't even Christmassy! Obviously, this floor is the one with the more interesting people. The ones who really get into the spirit of the season. 
Now, about those xmas tips for your newspaper carrier.......


  1. Very festive indeed and much easier walking than slippery snowy sidewalks.

  2. I love festive doors! The Santa is my favourite :) You couldn't put him outside or he'd develop a soggy beard. I really appreciate you joining me on the walks and it's great to have something a little different. A very merry good time to you! :)

  3. How it must brighten your days to see evidence of happy enthusiasm and imagination!

  4. I like the middle green wreathe the best. I'm a fan of greenery.


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