Wednesday, December 24, 2014


By the Christmas Tree in Gore Park in downtown Hamilton stands a special mail box. I tried to peer inside to see if there were actually any letters to Santa (after all, it was already the 23rd, but I guess those elves can work some magic)

Here are a couple other post boxes I found on my summer holiday.

I admit, I was a bit dismayed to see this Amsterdam post box covered in tags and signs and posters. What is interesting is that in the centre is a window displaying the next pick up. I guess the carrier changes the day after emptying the box.

Then there is this cute, stubby post box from the UK with two slots. I'm not certain why the stamped and franked mail need to be kept separate.

I also managed to get this old pillar box from the reign of GR and says Post Office instead of Royal Mail.

The pick up times are listed as 6:15pm on the stubby box and 6:30pm on the older box - with a Saturday pick up at 12:30pm!! These are much more reasonable times than what we have - which could be 1:00pm or 5:00pm with no Sat or Sun pick up. I was once in line at the post office outlet waiting to buy stamps at around 4:59 when a couple of anxious people rushed in asking "has he been yet". 'He' hadn't. I made a rhetorical comment to no-one in particular, (but sort of to the nearest person) that I wondered how he managed to pick up all the mail in the city at exactly 5pm, to which she replied that "they use more than one truck and employee".  I sighed at the lack of humour. I also remember the days when each box had a different pick up time on it, usually about 5 minutes apart from the next mailbox, so if you were late for one, you could make your way to another mailbox, hopefully before the driver got there.

I hope all your Christmas cards were delivered on time.


  1. Lovely boxes. There was one card I sent to Wales and I really don't know if it got there...hope so.

  2. These sure are more interesting than the one's we have in the states. Merry Christmas, Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. I got excited every time I saw one of those red pillar boxes!

  3. Very interesting mail boxes. Ah, the GR boxes could date from the reign of George V or George VI as they used may of the doors cast during the reign of George V until they were used up and a new George VI casting could be made. Now you need to look for mail boxes with a VR. Merry Christmas.

    1. Actually, I have checked and the insignia is for George V.
      This one looked odd to me, and I had a vague memory of seeing the GR more stylized. Turns out that fancier one is for Geo VI (1936-52).
      Yes, a VR would be a great find.

  4. An interesting set of mailboxes. I have always wondered why they are traditionally red. Happiest Christmas to you.

  5. Oh, what cute little mailboxes!
    Some of them look like fire hydrants. :-P


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