Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday AMuse

Can you name these squiggles?


  1. My guess is road maps of cities.

  2. Meggie's guess sounds good. Or rivers?

  3. Yes, I'd guess cities too. If they are Canadian, I haven't a clue! Though No. 4 could just possibly be London, and the last one is obviously on the coast, and an East coast unless the map has been turned around! Boston?

    And could No. 3 be New York?

    I'm probably wrong all round!!

  4. Etch-a-Sketch artist gone mad?

  5. When I first looked I thought they were parts of the body..

    CJ xx

  6. Varicose veins or fracture marks on windshields ?

  7. Meggie: very warm

    geewits: heading in a colder direction

    Gilly: hot
    clue - not all are Canadian and yes, London and New York is included

    Susan: freezing cold, but then these are rather like my etch-a-sketch attempts!

    LGS: slightly less warm than Meggie

    Crystal: freezing, and scary, too!

    Flowerweaver: also slightly warm - need to be more specific, these aren't exactly roads....

    Owen: freezing, though I like the fracture marks idea!

  8. clue: these are maps -
    2 are Canadian,
    2 are American,
    1 is very famous, and
    1 is just because I think it looks cool, but is probably unfamiliar to everyone.

  9. Oh, I must have forgotten the tongue-in-cheek thing-y.... :P

  10. I recognize my old hometown - Chicago.

  11. Underground (tube/subway/etc.) maps?
    London and New York - others I cannot even guess. :)

  12. Paivin: Excellent!
    Man, I wish I could read Finnish!
    Thank you for visiting and including me on your blogroll.

  13. Sanna, if you want to read Paivin's blog, look at your Google toolbar. Mine has a translate icon on the middle right. It translates whatever web page you're on. If you don't have it, I'm sure you can add it on.

  14. Susan: yes, I have tried that translate this thing - it mangles the language something awful!!


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