Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dream home

Well, I am making use of my fancy walking stick I bought last year, at least. My toe is still swollen and very tender. But I have found a sweet spot on my heel where I can put pressure without sending searing pain throughout my foot. It doesn't seem to be broken, but it doesn't really matter - pain is pain. All this means more time spent in cafes, sitting on comfy chairs by the window.... and I don't have a laptop.

Anyway, before all this happened, I took myself off on a house tour to see what I would get if I held the winning ticket for the Princess Margaret Sweepstakes. You can view the house, with a virtual tour and long detailed description of this 3.6 million dollar home that comes furnished by Lynda Reeves (a local designer and editor of House&Home magazine) by visiting But, I had to experience the opulence for myself.

It is a large house, modelled on vacation homes in The Hamptons, specifically the one in Something's Gotta Give, which I haven't seen, so the references were lost on me. After seeing the model home in Oakville, I googled the one from the movie and noticed that the Long Island house was much, much brighter. And more casual and cozy.

Nothing is spared. It is a keyless entry (as someone who is always losing her keys, I love this feature - it reads your fingerprints). The kitchen floor is heated, there is an amazing picture window over the sink and tons of storage. Two dishwashers and an industrial 10 burner gas stove with a massive range hood. The stainless steel appliances and cabinets make it look a little less casual in my view, but I like the space.

(the steel cabinets are on the other side - to balance out the enormous stove)

There are lots of big windows where you can look out on your tiny bit of yard surrounding the house. And the neighbours in their small, single storey 1950 ranch style bungalows. I feel a little sorry for them, having to deal with hundreds of people wandering by to view the house for the past couple of months. And the fact that now they have this totally out of place large (but beautiful) house in their neighbourhood.

The most striking feature I noticed while walking through the living room with the cathedral ceiling and the upstairs corridor that overlooks the same living room was the incredible amount of wasted space. For a 6,500 sq ft home, the rooms were not oversized and there were only three bedrooms (and six washrooms!) but there was still an enormous amount of wasted space. Then again there was also an enormous amount of storage. OMG, the storage! It was everywhere!

I like these hinges, which were also predominent on every door.

There was even a dogwashing station in the wide mudroom.

And I want this freestanding bathtub.


  1. That is a very nice house. But I think it's a shame that such a big house has such a small garden especially at the back. That's not much space for squirrels to frolic in.

  2. Never mind the house - I want the dog washing station!

  3. The view down into the living room looks like all the thousands of Texas McMansions around here.
    That tub is way cool though!

  4. Beautiful home and I heart that tub too!!

  5. Love the tub - though I never take baths - I much prefer a shower, but I'd love to have the stove. Imagine what Mr. Jazz could cook me on a stove like that.

    All in all a pretty house, but it just doesn't do it for me. Who the hell needs that much space.

    - Jazz

  6. Whoever would buy a house like this on such a small plot of land? However was planning permission granted? Amazing!
    Like you, I'm astonished that there are only three bedrooms and so much wasted space - still, it's all for show, really, isn't it ;-)?

  7. LGS: it is actually a very treed neighbourhood, so in this yard they get to run themselves ragged before going across the street to climb the trees to bed.

    Rachel: isn't that the coolest thing?! (I don't even have a dog and I want it)

    Geewits: I've never been a fan of the balcony - looking down at last night detritus that wasn't cleaned up before going to bed... not for me.

  8. SueAnn: I was wondering if anyone had tried climbing into it... I doubt it (there were signs everywhere "not to touch")

    Jazz: the one thing I can say in its favour is that the rooms seemed quite human sized, it was the hallways and two staircases that looked too wide.

    Gail: if I win, you are invited for a visit

    Jabblog: unfortunately, as I understand, you can't build a small house on a large lot anymore. this isn't all that small - but it is set so far back that the backyard is very narrow.

  9. Beautiful house. Love the dogwashing station. Great photos.

  10. I love the kitchen. But another places in the house are great too.

  11. I'd take that house if somebody gave it to me, provided the gift included cleaning service, landscaping care and free heat. Otherwise, nunh-uh.

    6500SF is about 5000SF more than I want at this stage of my life.

  12. Wow!!! I think I need that dog washing station.

  13. Wow! That's one gorgeous house. I too, enjoy seeing Showcase Houses. You just never know what you'll find. But the older I get the more I long for a smaller, easier to manage house-- with a gorgeous tub and chandelier of course. (That's stunning!)
    Thanks for sharing,

  14. Seems like a house that big ought to house several families.

  15. I, too, want the dog washing station!! and six bathrooms!!
    Swoon and dream!

  16. Eden: thanks

    Lucka: then you, too, will be invited if I win and you can cook for me on the massive stove!

    June: it is rather large. it does come landscaped, but no gardener, I don't think.

    Stacey: that is a definite favourite!

  17. Joanna: I dream of having a bathroom with a window, a chandelier as well would put me over the moon!

    SAW: I've always preferred smaller houses - afterall one can only be in one room at a time.

    Meggie: everyoine I met on my way around the house was astounded - "didn't we just pass a washroom? another one?!"

  18. Well oh well oh well oh. Beeautiful. 6,500 feet and 3 bedrooms??

    The tub. The tub. The tub!

    It would be very odd in a neighborhood of ranches. Hmm.

    I love the movie Something's Gotta Give. You might enjoy it, if you like Diane and Jack and that pretty house.

  19. It does look pretty special; not sure about those stainless steel units though. Love the free standing bath!

    CJ xx

  20. I'll take the bathroom, not bothered about the rest!

  21. Ruth: when I get my new computer, with DVD, I will rent it.

    Crystal: I know, I keep thinking: fingerprints!

    Jenny: it is the lap of luxury, for sure

  22. I would want more bedrooms with a house that big. Where would all the guests stay?


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