Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scandinavian blues

So yesterday (and by 'yesterday', I actually mean Monday. I am a slow writer....) was Snow Tire Day. The annual ritual of preparing for the stuff that has already befallen on Alberta and BC (and other points west, not to mention much of Sweden judging by their lovely, wintery scene laden photoblogs). Anyway, even though we had not one inch of snow last year, making Snow Tire Day a reduntant ritual, I decided not to risk it. Besides, I needed new tires anyway, so why not get the heavy duty, practical ones.

By a strange quirk which would be too tedious to explain, but does actually make sense (you'll just have to trust me) my snow tires from last year were stored at a garage an hour and a half away. I had an appointment for 1PM. I gave myself 2 hours, because one never knows with traffic. I was there in 1 hour 10 minutes. Even with a cop hovering on the highway, I made excellent time. And because it was an unseasonably warm 15C I opted for a leisurely stroll along the waterfront to eat my sandwich. That was when I realized my sandwich was still sitting on the counter at home. I am getting so much better at not letting such things put me in a ripping foul temper. I enjoyed the warm weather and found a place to buy something else for lunch.

Then I thought, well, I've come this far, once my tires are on I may as well go another half hour and visit my brother who has just opened up a new store. An antique store. I was really quite excited to see this new venture and see what kind of vendors had rented space.

Now, I am almost glad they are not closer to home, because I would be running out of money. And space for more stuff. I have a thing for buying glass. Especially glasses (of the drinking variety). You could all stop by for a drink at the same time and I would not run out of glasses. And now I have 2 more. I only buy in 2s now, because sets of 6 or more takes up way to much room and I don't actually have that many friends who need matching glasses when they visit.

But really, the thing that caught my eye were these

Hand blown door knobs. Danish.

In a most striking and beautiful shade of turquoise. My most favourite colour.

I was their biggest spender that day.
Now I just need to find a tumbler that fits.....actually FOUR tumblers that fit.


  1. Too bad that you can't put them on your doors.

  2. Nora: I know! the joining rod is about a millimeter too big to fit. but I am sure I can find other tumblers that will work.

  3. Oh.

    They are freaking beautiful!!! I want some.

    - Jazz

  4. Jazz: I stood at the counter talking to my bro and fondling these for so long that I simply could not let them go. He is pleased because now he come visit them (er me and my knobs)

  5. They are gorgeous and a walk on the waterfront, well I know where I should have been yesterday. lol. have a wonderful day. glad your brother is nice and close. hugs.

  6. Wow!! Those are gorgeous!! Good find

  7. We are snowed in right now! Hubby is OK with 4x4 getting to his workshop but I am happy to stay in - keeping warm!

  8. Those are some neat door handles!

  9. Snow tires. I'm so sorry. But those are gorgeous door knobs.

  10. They are gorgeous and quite irresistible. Hope you find matching glasses ;-)

  11. Hi Sanna!

    Those are the most beautiful door knobs I have ever seen! I'm not surprised that you bought them...I would have, too. I have a thing for glasses myself. Every time I go to Goodwill, I always look there first. I've found some really nice ones in the last few months.

    Why the hell are your snow tires stored 1 1/2 hours away from your residence? :)

  12. Susan: because he charges half price for them and barters for the other half and stores them for free (shhh, don't tell anyone)


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