Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday AMuse


  1. North American funnies are better than Dutch funnies.

  2. I came, I read your Monday AMuse post and I liked it! Will be back for more.

  3. Ooh, heaven preserve us from turning into the guy on the right!

  4. Ha ha!

    I got so distracted by the website of photography you linked to that I never commented. Amazing photos. I showed them to my kids, who liked them.

  5. Love it, great cartoon! Where do you find them?

  6. LOL! Great cartoon!

  7. Nora: when I lived in Holland, I never really got the Dutch humour. It didn't seem particularly rib tickling funny.

    LGS: I would expect any good squirrel to always try again! glad you like.

    Beastie: or marrying him!

    JM: I love it when people don't think about their thoughts....

    SAW: good, then the distraction was a success

    Saj: this particular one is in our local paper, but I download it from

    Pauline: Earl and Opal Pickles are my absolute favourite comic couple!

  8. Obviously amusing, - thanks for the smile!


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