Saturday, November 13, 2010

kites and geese

Thursday afternoon

Friday morning

Friday afternoon
Saturday morning


  1. The fog does give it a cozy look, but doubtlessly it was cold. Good weather for a hot cup of tea.

    This way of commenting works great!

  2. I don't know why but that closest goose in the last picture, being butt up, made me laugh.

  3. Lovely photos!!! Love the clock tower one!

  4. Nora: I'm glad this way works. there was a reason I didn't have comments embedded, but I forget what it was now.

    Geewits: upended geese and ducks always make me laugh! I took so many pictures of them on Friday my fingers were frozen.

    SueAnn: thanks. I forgot to mention that it was the same temperature both days - 12C, but felt much colder on Fri.

  5. Hot chocolate weather - looks lovely but the cold sinks into your bones.

  6. Lovely shots through that mistiness. Very ethereal.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. The fog does focus the foreground nicely.

  8. The sky sure did a turn around, from briliant blue to foggy grey.

  9. Wait 'til I get a decent camera, good stuff!

  10. I like the second photo of the clocktower(?) with the bench. Very neat! :)

  11. What a difference a day makes!
    Have a great week, jj

  12. Jabblog: it was a stunningly sunny, warm week until Friday!

    Maggie: I tried to capture the ethereal, mostly my pictures looked washed out of all colour!

    IDP: yes, I think one needs a bit of a clear foreground in fog.

    Stacey: it was a bit of a surprise, and that it lasted so long.

    Ken: Derby better watch out!

  13. Char: yes, so do I, but mostly in pictures, otherwise I'll take the blue sky, thank you.

    SAW: it does lend a certain mystery.

    Pauline: the clocktower turned out nice - especially without the distracting view that is behind it!

    Joanna: definitely!


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