Saturday, November 6, 2010


I think I broke my toe. Stubbed it on a frozen pumpkin.
Well, if you saw a pile of leaves by the curb and you had to walk through them to get to the sidewalk, wouldn't you be tempted to kick your way through? Of course you would.

You just wouldn't expect a pumpkin to be sitting underneath the leaves, would you?


  1. I would have done the same thing.Hope your toe isn't badly hurt.

  2. Yes, of course that's what one does in that situation. I think it's coded in our DNA or something.

    And broken toes hurt like hell. I've done it and now have the crooked toe to prove it. Hope you recover quickly (and without a crooked toe).

  3. O dear. Did you hop around and make noises when it happened?
    Quick! Tape your wounded toe to its neighbors. Like little soldiers helping a wounded comrade.

  4. Ouch! Did you use a lot of swear words? That is so painful, in the cold too, that makes it worse. I hurt for you.

  5. Yikes - no you wouldn't expect that. Being frozen would make it like running into a rock.

  6. it may not actually be broken.... but it is swollen and
    yes, it is all taped up (and has been soaked in cold water)
    yes, it does hurt like hell and
    yes, I did dance like an idiot and
    yes, I did swear a little ... well, quite a bit actually.

    the pumpkin just sat there in stoney silence.

  7. Gee, ouch. Sounds like you hurt more than the pumpkin. Would you say the pumpkin was trying to get even with the human race for our doings at Halloween? :( Hope the toe gets better soon.

  8. Over here we would never expect to find a pumpkin on the footpath. Strange are the ways of the Northern Hemisphere!
    I hope it feels better soon.

  9. Ouch! that must have hurt like hell!

    And no, pumpkins by the curb is not something I'd expect. Especially hidden in a pile of leaves!

    Hope it all gets better soon, and is just bruised, not broken.

  10. Have a great Sunday :)
    Elisa, Argentina

  11. Oh dear! That had to hurt! Take care and I hope you didn't break it.

  12. Ouch! Been there, done something like that. Just tape it to the next toe. It stabilizes it and helps it heal faster.

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  14. Ouch! Bad pumpkin!

  15. Ouch. Takes a lot of leaves to bury a pumpkin. These people really need to rake their yard.

    - Jazz


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