Wednesday, February 29, 2012

delightful and sweet

So, how did you spend your extra day?

I started mine by spending it in bed with George Clooney. Well, I was in bed and he was on the television. He was wearing a suit with an opened shirt and no tie, so I was a little confused about the dress code, but I thought I should make an effort and so wore my silky pyjamas. I actually met up with him the night before, but I didn't read the schedule properly and didn't realize he was on Inside the Actor's Studio for 2 hours. Fortunately the show was repeated overnight, which was a little awkward, but it was George after all, so I made it work. He was charming and delightful, and I went to work with his lovely smile in my mind, making me smile.

I don't get the chance to meet up with too many people when I am at work. At certain times as night blends into early morning, you meet the same dog-walkers who will acknowledge you and the same joggers, who will not. It is rare that I actually see any of my customers, which I guess is partly the point - you wake up and your newspaper is sitting at your door as if delivered by elves or spirits. But occasionally, if there is a delay and I am a little later than usual, I may run into someone as they open their door.

Such was the case one time when an apartment door opened just as I was about to drop the paper. We laughed at the synchronicity of the meeting, and through the doorway I caught a glimpse of the most amazing sunrise. I was invited inside to have a better look out over the lake. He had a telescope positioned for watching the ships that slowly pass by. We chatted amiably and I have seen him maybe three other times over the past eight years. He always takes a holiday for a couple of weeks at Christmas and again in the summer. He doesn't cancel the paper when he is away, but instead leaves a note with the dates, which is generous as I still get paid for the paper. For some reason he thinks my name is Sasha. Not sure where he got that idea (though it could be from my sloppy handwriting after writing out several hundred Christmas cards). He is also the sort of man who uses your name when he speaks (or writes) to you and it has become embarrassing to correct him, so I let it go.

So, when I got on the elevator this morning and there was a man who looked vaguely familiar, and he said good morning Sasha, I knew it was the nice man from #704. I was idly wondering what it was he was carrying in his hands when he offered an explanation.

"I was just down in the laundry room"

Okay, it wasn't much of an explanation, but by now I recognized the small appliance.

"It is just so noisy, and I don't want to wake my wife" he further explained "so I take the coffee grinder down to the laundry room to grind the beans".

Is that not the sweetest thing?

Yes, waking to the smell of fresh ground coffee is certainly preferable to hearing the fresh grinding.

And waking to George Clooney's smiling face can make the day brighter.


  1. That is one of the sweetest things ever!! He definitely should win an award for being the most considerate husband ever. As for George Clooney...all I can say is....SIGH!!!!

  2. When we're at the cottage Boy grinds his coffee in the bathroom. The laundry room seems a bit excessive.

    My extra day was spent at the office. Seems a waste of an extra day.

  3. Jazz: I wavered being thinking he was sweet or a bit overly sensitive and - but then it is an apartment building, so the hallway would have been just as bad as being inside the flat.

    SueAnn: I know, big sigh....

  4. That guy deserves a "husband hero" award. Maybe we should invent one.

  5. He sounds a considerate man....... but then... I don't drink coffee, only tea and that doesn't make any sound except the kettle boiling.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. This is the kind of story I like to hear from you. Thanks for writing it. I enjoyed it a lot. It's like I get to know you better.

  7. What a lovely story. I felt transported as if I were watching a great movie. Thanks!!

  8. And they say chivalry is dead!

  9. 704 sounds like a considerate guy. The world needs people like him.


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