Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There are three shopping malls in Burlington, but since we are at the letter M in our ABC Wednesday tour of the city I live in I bring you this one (even though I detest shopping in malls, for you I ventured inside)

and just for fun, with a bus, which actually a lot of people use
unlike this bike rack...

Mapleview (everyone I know calls it a mall if they use any designation, but it is officially a Centre) was only built in 1990 but has undergone some major renovations in the past 3-4 years and has become much more upscale. We even have an Apple store (only the second one outside a major urban centre. interestingly, the other one is in Waterloo - the home of RIM and the Blackberry. but I digress) Everywhere still has that shiny new look to it.

inside it is bright with all the new skylights
and has stores and kiosks that begin with M (that pink counter is called Magnolia, but it doesn't show up too clearly for all the trouble I went through to make sure it was in the shot...)

there are comfortable padded benches and I like these modern, streamlined garbage containers

and, in Sears,  Men in Black
I probably shouldn't have taken this last shot, but I discovered that they were offering free coffee for seniors who were 55 and older (it being Senior Tuesday) so since I sort of stole a coffee, I figured I could steal a photo....


  1. A very sophisticated looking Mall (centre) - I am not drawn to malls, but this one looks quite roomy and spacious.

  2. I'm not drawn to malls, but I love shopping...which pretty much sums up all the ways I make no sense. Taking the alphabet shopping, as you did, is a very fun lark!

  3. I hadn't been inside here since last summer and only then to have a look at the renovations. Now I see that my lifestyle does not really suit the new stores that have opened.

  4. We rarely enter our Mall here......maybe twice a year...maybe.

  5. Good post- Yes it looks akin to all the malls in the UK too- a sad indictment of today's western world.

  6. I like the thought of stealing a coffee...
    It all looks very glossy.

  7. I HATE shopping at malls, and I had to go wth my father-in-law a couple weeks ago. MENTALLY exhausting.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. I recently ventured out to Square One in Mississauga (as you may have seen on my blog). I was actually pleasantly surprised with the architecture, but this place doesn't look quite as nice. Although I do like those circle thingies! And it wasn't stealing if they were giving it away! ;)

  9. Looks nice but I am surprised that there is one in Waterloo. Must be one of the 53 Waterloos existing in the whole world, I am living at the original place in Belgium, lol !
    ABC Team

  10. Wow, gorgeous sights inside.

    Little MISSES
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. You were very brave to venture inside, and all for ABC Wednesday. I try and avoid them as well. I like the bike park.

  12. Shopping malls can be gigantic maske believe worlds or confining shopping spaces. It all depends. I've been lucky with the ones I lived close to in the States. They were for the most part pleasant. Buy they are unlike shopping downtown in a European city, I do have to say that.

  13. Malls look the same the world over. Like you, I try and avoid them as much as possible and prefer the older style shopping strips with some wonderful offbeat shops.
    Good photos!

  14. I hate Malls - and not because I am disabled and cannot possibly walk the length of them. They all look the same, wherever you are, and mostly sell the same sort of things.

    And what do they do with the air conditioning that sends you out with a splitting headache and sore throat???

  15. Yes,I think it is the sameness that I find annoying. Nothing to let you know what city, or even country, you are in.

    Mapleview is named for the cross streets - Maple Ave and Fairview St.

  16. Your post got me thinking about the last time I was in a mall, and I'm betting it's been at least 15 years, maybe as many as 20. But when I was an adolescent, I was a dedicated mall rat. :-) I notice this Mapleview has a glass elevator. Pretty fancy schmancy for a place with only two levels! I like all the skylights. And I had no idea there was such a thing as a Men in Black shop!

    I think your dedication to your readers and to ABC Wednesday, as demonstrated by your spending part of a day in a shopping mall to get these photos, made you more than worthy of that free cup of joe! :-)

  17. Had to smile at the photo taking because I once started to do that in a brand new shopping mall and was asked to stop. I think they thought I was a prospective terrorist!
    I does look lovely & new!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  18. @ Maggie, I have heard such stories and was half expecting to be asked to stop... but later realized I never saw a security guard the whole time I was there.

  19. @Laloofah, the MiB was a section inside the Sears. I have never seen Men in Black, but am assuming this is a new release!
    I will remember to go on a Tuesday if I go back (though am slightly annoyed that I was taken for 'over 55'!)


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