Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stamps

The theme this week from Viridian's Postcard Blog is celebrating stamps or the postal service and I found these ones from Italy and the US

and even a Postcrossing stamp (which I believe someone else posted previously or I would not have noticed the fine print on this one so, bedankt!)

and then we have the snail mail heading off on a perilous journey across the sea from the UK
to this post box in Finland


  1. The little house out back is cute.

  2. Of course the Postcrossing stamp! I should have thought of that. Perfect!

    1. I wonder how it is that the Dutch have these, but I have not seen them from any other country (I would have thought the Finns for sure!)

  3. I like the "letters shape opinion" concept, how interesting. You've cover all things postal here, nothing like a bit of snail mail.

  4. The English "Snail Mail" stamp is the most amusing!

  5. I love stamps and the mention of Postcrossing here reminds me that I want to start up all over again.

    That whimsical elf on the snail is cute.


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