Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sunday Stamps

It is Easter Weekend and somehow I had it in my mind that Easter or Passover would be the theme for
Sunday Stamps...
so I have included two Easter stamps I found
(still waiting on a Passover stamp. or any stamp/card from Israel)

I decided to choose a cathedral for my architecture stamp and this one seemed appropriate for this season as it is the Maria Taferl Basilica. Maria Taferl is the most important pilgrimage destination in Austria after Mariazell. The town itself has only about 870 inhabitants.
Miraculous apparitions, or angels, started appearing around 1658 along with miraculous healings. After all the early incidences were examined by the church, a decision was made to build a pilgrimage church. It became so popular that at one time 25 priests were on hand to attend to the believers.
The cathedral was built between 1660 and 1710. An inscription inside the shrine states that the building of the church gave the inhabitants new courage after enduring The Plague and the 30 Years War. In 2010, the interior of the church underwent a complete restoration in time for the 300 anniversary of its completion and the 350 anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone.

here is a panorama photo I found while researching
(click on the right hand arrow for the second view)

 which came first the chicken or the egg?


  1. The cathedral is interesting and the Easter stamps are really cute.

  2. Love the bunny eggs.....Happy Easter

  3. Apt choice for today! Have a wonderful Easter full of happiness and peace.

  4. The cathedral stamp and the history you relate is really interesting. But I really love the bright colours, fun design and great typography featuring on the Polish chicken stamp. Happy Easter!

  5. I have some architectural stamps from Austria but none as good as the one you've shown.

  6. The church looks to be in a nice setting for a pilgrimage. The Finnish Easter egg chickens is one of my favourite stamps, clever and fun.

  7. I really love the style of the Austrian stamp but of course the Easter stamps are great fun.

  8. And the church is on theme! ;-) thank you for participating. the Polish stamps are colorful.

  9. I like the artistic style of the Austrian stamp, as for the Easter stamps, every week Finland has some fine designs and the Polish stamps are wonderful too :)

  10. I wish we had those bunny eggs here.


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