Monday, November 11, 2013

grave post - cenotaph

The population of Port Elgin was only 1,235 in 1911. By 1921 it had grown to 1,291. 
That was after losing 17 men in The Great War.

The only loss of life from Bruce County during the Boer War was Gordon Cummings, a native and school teacher of Port Elgin 
This monument was erected in 1903 



  1. Today is a day for remembrance.

  2. We have two services in the arena and one in our beautiful cemetery in the veterans area. Look like it's going to be a cold, windy, soggy day for it.

  3. Loving seeing all the Canadian bloggers posting tributes today.

  4. It really us grounding when you realise just how many men from small towns and villages lost their lives to war. In some cases wiping out a whole generation of a town or village.

    Beneath Thy Feet


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