Saturday, November 2, 2013


When you think of the Arctic, probably the first thing that comes to mind would be ice and polar bears.
This 2¢ stamp from 1953 for National Wildlife Week was designed by John Crosby
while this 1972 25¢ version was designed by Reinhard Derreth

by 2006, we have these bears designed by Doreen Colonello as part of the 'flag' definitives series
and in 2011 this international stamp from the baby wildlife series 

and finally, (and my personal favourite) this 2009 series for Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers featuring a Polar Bear and an Arctic Tern 
“This bird serves as a link between the Arctic and Antarctic regions, since it migrates yearly between the North and South Poles”


  1. I guess the terns do the poles tern and tern about :-D

  2. there is something so realistic about that 1972 stamp...I can actually feel as if im standing on that ice right there

  3. The '72 Derreth stamp is so evocative, and the tern against a beautifully blue sky is lovely.

  4. Lovely stamps all of these. I don't have any Canadian stamps that are relevant.

  5. A beautiful selection of polar bears.

  6. It's good to see the older CA stamps. Most of us would not know of them otherwise.
    Thank you for participating!!

  7. those are really lovely stamps! lookie, i've got the same polar bear from Canada! ^_^


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