Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Big Shout Out to Madame X and her Chicks!

Had a glance over at the Hamilton Peregrine Falconcam just now and saw a perfect view of Madame X (pictured) and the first two newborns (one hatched on May 6, the other this morning! Well before Mother's Day). Two tiny bits of fluffy white, two brown eggs.

Madame X (originally from PA) has made Hamilton ON her home since 2001. Her history and that of the other falcons who have wandered this way is on the site. (see side bar for link, the other link from Lansing MI is there because Stelco, who has taken up residence at a power station, was born at the Sheraton Hotel in 1997 and we like to keep track of her, too) The webcam is refreshed frequently enough to make it a captivating movie. Though, admittedly, sometimes it is very much like a still movie. If you really get into it, you can join the Falcon Watchers who are prepared to keep track of the baby falcons as they grow from fluff balls to having true flying feathers. There is something enthralling about watching the flapping about, the flying lessons and the aerial acrobatics.

At the moment they have taken up residence at their usual hotel ledge (I do feel for the paying guests as they can get quite vocal in their demands for food!)

I'll write more about Madame X and Surge and her family later. Right now I'm heading back to the webcam to ooh, and ahh, and how cute, are they!

Everybody together: ahh, aren't they just so adorable now!

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  1. LOL...they are adorable. I've been watching my own baby birds...a nest of morning doves on the ledge outside my office window.


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