Friday, May 30, 2008

'Visions of My Mind'

Some people will find you and inspire you.

Lloyd Bradbury is one of those people.

Lloyd's Art Info: March 2008


  1. Thank you very much. If you need to talk I am a click away.
    maybe i can help you to replace the pesnutbutter with a friend you can talk to...

  2. Thanks, Lloyd.

    And, you're welcome.
    I was looking at your paintings again tonight for a long time, and I love the colours you use. For some reason, it is colour that attracts me first, then the subject.

  3. The colors are the emotions expressed in my dreams the subjects paint themselves. Not always are the dreams clear and nice, but reality is also that way. so I do not dwell too long in each.

  4. Yes, well, that would fit an emotional person, eh?!

    I have to practice not dwelling too long.

  5. Wow. Such an amazing guy. When i meet people like him i feel that i am a lazy ass doing nothing just wasting my time. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow - thanks for the introduction, Violetsky. And thanks for the inspiration Mr. Bradbury. Your work is beautiful

  7. Sandy & XUP: Yes, I feel lazy, too. I am always amazed at his transformation of dreams and emotions into a story on canvas.


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