Monday, May 26, 2008

driving merrily along...

I love the sunroof in my new car. It lets in so much light. And air. It's fun to wave to people raising one arm UP out the top window instead of dangerously out the side window towards closely passing objects, like streetcars, or cyclists. It also creates a bit more noise which requires me to crank up the music very loud.

You should however, be very careful about what you store in the back seat when you are driving with the sunroof open. Mostly, it should be okay. But if the stop and go traffic suddenly goes, and you proceed without much thought, well, cyclonic action can happen.

To the people driving behind me on the highway earlier, I apologize for the fireworks of brightly coloured tissue paper.


  1. u r one lucky girl to own a car. i dont hv one. but i got slightly bigger vehicle. i travel by bus

  2. and you generously share it with so many others ;)

    you get more stories being around so many people. sometimes i miss the bus and the people watching

  3. I'm sure they loved the tissue paper display...

    I used to have a sunroof - watch out for sunburns in the summer.

  4. try a bus on weekdays in ahmedabad(india). 40 seater bus will have 70 people travelling in it.

    You dont have any other option but to share :)

  5. how do you hold on to your packages, or do they fly out the windows as well?

  6. LOL I was getting a visual with the coloured paper flying out. I used to have a car, eons ago. I used to drive it up and down the highway in the spring with all the windows open to get rid of dog's hair! I can just imagine how it looked to the cars behind me!

  7. HD: did you air out your dog at the same time? I love to watch dogs with silly grins on their faces hanging out the windows catching some air!!


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