Thursday, May 22, 2008

tips for the unwashed

For your reading pleasure I present the following Allure article.

Read the comments, too, to realize how many of us have been doing this oh so wrong.

Now, if you'll excuse me........


  1. I particularly like the last part: Towel off.

    Damn, here I'd bee all these years staning on the balcony waiting for the wind to dry me. It was really annoying - especially during those Montreal winters.

  2. Hi Jazz, thanks for stopping by.

    I was grateful for the temperature guide - I'd no idea, I always just kept twirling the H & C things till it felt comfy.

  3. LMAO reading the comments, some are really hilarious. That step by step is something else... lol

  4. HD: thanks for stopping by. now you've no need to buy that issue!


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