Thursday, May 15, 2008

morning has broken

Today it is a spraying, hissing sound. And the generator noise. Yesterday there was drilling. And hissing. And generator. The day before it was drilling and generator and the screeching thwack of metal being dropped. And the day before that, still drilling and generator and the beep, beep of a truck moving up and down the ramp carrying stuff. After everyone leaves, it is the snapping of the yellow caution tape looped loosely through the chain link fence and the flapping of the plastic wrapping that is half on/half off the piles of lumber.

This is outside my bedroom window in the parking lot below. Seven of the ten summers I have lived in this (otherwise quiet) building have been engulfed in construction noise. The crew starts at around 7am. I get home from work around 6:00am.

This makes me a wee bit grumpy around this time of day. (8:30am)

And downright snarly around noon.

Need coffee.


  1. I don't have construction in my neighborhood, but I do have a neighbor who loves to cut grass at 6:30 in the morning. That is so frustrating.

  2. If it only makes you a "wee bit" grumpy, you are a more stable person than I! I would be enraged about that nonsense after that many years.

  3. Em: That is due to my everlasting pleasant personality :)

    Thinker: Welcome!
    And also sneeze inducing, I imagine (at least it would be for me!)

  4. Living in the middle of Chicago that was undergoing a construction boom, we lived for YEARS with some kind of noise all the time. I never really noticed till the end.

    Now that we've moved here, and pretty much hear nothing but the water- I don't know how I stood it.

    When we have to plant for people in the city, the noise makes me more than a 'wee bit' grumpy.

  5. Robin: Isn't it amazing what we can tune out? And how annoying that same thing can be once we've been absent from it for awhile?!

    Someone once told me that I always looked at things in a positive light. I didn't believe her at the time and thought it was just that she was so pessimistic, it made me look good. But I am surprised at how much calmer I am about things that are beyond my control and realize I do try to put a positive spin on everything (most of the time). As I get older this is all the more apparent.

    Now, lawnmowing at 6:30 AM - I'd be pitching a clock out the window at him!


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