Friday, May 9, 2008

The Birds

Lambs, calves, and sheep, if you live in Scotland or Wales beware of the Ravens attacking you.
Ravens were almost extinct in Britain in the 19th century. Now they are back and retaliating by making sheep extinct. The attacks are apparently so horrific, they are "causing mental suffering to the people who find the animals".

Japanese crows are bigger, more agressive and downright scarier than American crows. They are entertaining themselves by causing blackouts by nesting on hydro poles and decorating said nests with fibre optic wire. They have also been known to occasionally take candy from little children.

And at home.....

There are now three chicks at the Sheraton Hotel Peregrine Falcon scrape!

Clive the pigeon has disappeared, and haven't seen or heard Jack and Vera in a few days.

So, have scraped and brushed and vacuumed the carpet. Am now, finally, having my coffee on my empty balcony.

Needs flowers.


  1. we do not have this problem only with people here near Chicago. do not mind me wife is sick and i feel helpless to help her.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Lloyd. I have been reading your blogs - thank you for commenting so that I could discover you! I'm not quite finished but will definitely keep checking in on you.

    I hope your wife feels better soon. I'm sure that you being with her and caring so much helps, even if it doesn't feel like it to you

  3. Two posts in one day with coffee as a key component...sounds like a day where you really needed your coffee!

  4. Lloyd - somehow people behaving like animals is much worse than animals behaving like people.


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