Thursday, September 25, 2008

falls on falls

Ah. The guests have left. This means I can have my bed back and the place to myself. And I don't have to do another trip to Niagara.

My friend Malia came down to pick up relatives visiting from Denmark. They were not what we expected. They were older, with some limited mobility (and a zippy wheelchair). But certainly not limited zest. Or laughter. Or opinions. They are now on their way driving to Manitoba for a family event. They left in shock (the Danes) at how long it will take to get there and slightly disappointed that a side trip to Montreal could not be included during their stay here.

But, the only thing they really wanted to see was Niagara Falls.

Doesn't everyone?

By a happy, happy coincidence this week is also the Niagara Wine Festival. So we fortified ourselves with a hearty breakfast and set out. Dropped by a winery or two. Visited an antique shop or two. Drove some back roads. Shopped at some incredibly tacky touristy places in Niagara Falls and some expensive places in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Some of us went up a big ferris wheel thingy to see the birds eye view and came down enthralled with the experience. I was happy for them. The Falls themselves did not disappoint. Neither, it turned out did the Casino! I think they broke even in the end, but not for lack of trying.

Then we went back again (three times!) for more. More wine, more food, more driving around Niagara-on-the-Lake and encountering many, many tourists.

The sun shone brightly every day. The temperature was warm. The flowers were vibrant, the birds sang, the Canada Geese got in our way and the butterflies were abundant.

The only thing to disappoint were the fall colours.
Where are you? Perhaps Malia can search them out during the loooong drive North of Superior.

I want to have that much energy when I am in my 70's.
God Bless.


  1. I'm glad to hear that it's possible to globe trot in your 70s. Due to the way I've set up my life (being awash with kids) I won't be able to get away to see the world until then.
    Maybe I'd better start saving now for a zippy wheelchair?

  2. I saw Niagara Falls on a blustery winter day when there were few people around.
    It was wonderful.

    My mother and her two sisters are all in their 80's and , while they don't travel much anymore, they are all lively. They are all getting together next month, though. Bring on the wine and margaritas!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm so jealous that you get to celebrate Sylvie's birthday with her! I hope you have a great time. Say something goofy just for me.

  4. What a grand time out! It must be gerat having something so wonderful so close.

  5. Froggie: ...and someone 'zippy' to push!

    miwise: the Falls themselves are impressive, shame about the town (s)(ours = tacky, yours = empty)

    geewits: it was fun. (more fun on Saturday)

    saggitarian: and yet I never go as far as the Falls unless I'm playing tour guide. NOTL, however, I go to several times a year.

  6. I always find it funny how europeans come here wanting to see Montreal, Niagara falls and the Rockies in one week. By car. They simply have no concept of the distances here.

  7. What a great time you had, quite busy too! At least you didn't get stuck in the mud trying to do a u-turn like I did... the boys won't let me forget it lol

    I love being a tour guide to Niagara Falls and especially Niagara-on-the-lake that are touristy and ridiculously expensive. But so beautiful in their own way. And the wineries... ohhh the wineries... we visited a few of them. *dreamy look*

    So looking forward to tomorrow!

  8. I grew up down there in Niagara and I could never get over that everyone who came to visit from anywhere was crazy nuts about going to visit the Falls. I mean, the actual falls are pretty cool, but the rest of the town is a nightmare of tackiness, gouging and overcrowding. (shudder). NOTL is at least prettier. Glad you had a good time with some spunky people

  9. Jazz: yup, no idea

    UA: even as a designated driver I had a few samples (shhh)

    XUP: I know - horrid place. I couldn't get them out of there fast enough and drove around to the floral clock and the butterflies then back up the scenic route. They were quite excited about the casino and the illuminations so we ended up going back.

  10. I am probably the only Canadian who has not been to Niagara Falls... I haven't even been to Ontario... but I crossed the border back in 1967 to say I have been to Quebec..

    As you can see, I don't travel much... so I really enjoy seeing and hearing about other peoples trips!!


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