Friday, September 26, 2008

my Friday nights...

If you are expecting a concise precis and opinion piece about the Presidential Debate, I should let you know that you will not find it here. You'll need to look elsewhere.

While many of your were sat on your sofas watching the debate last night, I was not. You see, I had a date with The Doctor. Who? Yes, he is back. After months of waiting, months and months (this season started in APRIL in the UK, for crissakes!) HE has returned.

Am I alone in this? Any other David Tennant fans?* Dr Who allegiances? Do you need an explanation? What is Dr Who?

Here is a brief (very) synopsis:
  • Dr Who, in its various incarnations, is the longest sci fi series on television.
  • The Doctor has been around for millennia. Dr Who as a series only for my lifetime.

  • The Doctor has no known first name.

  • The Doctor is a mysterious human-ish alien who uses a TARDIS to time-travel

  • the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space) is a space capsule that is in the shape of a Police Call Box which has a considerably larger interior than exterior.
  • there have been several Doctors, with David Tennant being the tenth.

  • other Doctors included Christopher Eccleston (ninth), Tom Baker (fourth) and Peter Davison (Tristan Farnham from All Creatures Great and Small fame) (fifth)

  • the Doctor always has a companion to share his adventures, the current one being comedienne Catherine Tate

  • the Doctor has many strange looking adversaries (read monsters), the most well-known are the Daleks

Last week introduced Catherine Tate as Donna (actually introduced in the Christmas special in the UK, which CBC has not deemed important enough to show here. Damn them. Who makes these decisions?) I wasn't sure about this comedienne as a companion, but by now I realize I love Donna. She is a refreshing break from the giddy, awestruck Rose and the mediocre Martha. Donna stands up to the Doctor and there's less adoring glances and more sass. There is more hilarity this time around and the chemistry between The Doctor and Donna should prove to be an intriguing season.

Okay, I'll stop. For now. You can read about The Doctor here and the episodes here. And watch online here. The official website is here.
*I know Crystal Jigsaw and Sagittarian are with me. Check out More Canterbury Tales for her post on David Tennant.


  1. We're further into the series here in Australia and I have to tell you: it gets better.

  2. Damn,the things I don't know... BTW great evening yesterday!

  3. scott: welcome. and that's good to know!

    jazz: shocking, isn't it?! it was so much fun meeting you yesterday. are you hungry yet?

  4. Oh yes, yes, yes! I'm with you. I have a TARDIS in my office together with a life-size David Tennant dressed up as the doctor. Do wish he would come to life but as yet, just the spirits in the house seem to make themselves known..!

    CJ xx

  5. Hmmmm, david tennant. Oh yes. Oh and he and Peter Davidson are my fave docs I think.

  6. I used to spend Saturday afternoons in front of the television as a child wishing I had a TARDIS---I still wish that!

  7. Crystal: I do love that life sized cut-out you have!! Maybe some of the spirits visit the TARDIS?

    Hagelrat: I thought Christopher Eccleston was the best, until Mr Tennant arrived. Peter Davison always will be Tristan.

    UTO: I can relate, oh yes.

  8. Thanks for the link, Violet. Also agree with scottsabode, the series will be good for you! Sadly we have finished with it for now and I am anxiously awaiting the next lot as the cliffhanger was superb!!


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