Thursday, September 18, 2008

fun stuff

I have decided that my wee black cat on my sidebar needs a name. She is now Maisie.

Maisie, as you can see, is also trying to play with my new widget, the black box. Ha, but it is just out of her reach. You have control of the cursor so go ahead and play if you dare. Someone described it as like being on a magic carpet ride. I'd like to give them credit, but I have no idea where I saw that while I was being whisked off to various blogs through the magic of randomness. The coolest and most addictive widget to hit the internet was created by the Stray of Chasing Sheep, for Caroline of In Search of Adam – as a marketing tool for Caroline’s new book Black Boxes. So, learn about Black Boxes and how to get your own by clicking on about black boxes. That's easy. Then when you are ready to play, move your cursor thingy over to 'decide' and click, then make your choice and see where you end up. You may discover a new bloggy friend.

So, an extra special WELCOME if you came here via the black box. Please say hello, cheers, or anything nice you can think of, in the comments. I'm friendly and will definitely return the cheer.

For the rest of us who do not live in the US, but will still be affected by the upcoming election, and who already have had many, many discussions over who we think should win, well now we have a chance to make absolutely no difference at all with a vote. Go to If The World Could Vote where you will be able to cast a ballot for either Obama or McCain. The site uses your IP address to determine which country you are in and only one ballot can be used per computer. The results are mapped out with the results shown on a world map and a bar graph for each candidate in each country.


  1. I would absolutely not be wanting to make that decision. At least here we have a few more choices. We're in a big nasty mess, but not a big, nasty scary mess like our southern neighbours. I can't imagine either outcome being great.

  2. Oh and my comments keep disappearing on your blog. I think the cat's eating them

  3. XUP: only having an either/or choice may be leading many people to not bother voting, which is also a scary mess.

  4. Love the black box. Gotta get one but I'm too tired tonight. Oh, and I WILL be voting.

  5. I voted and then got a warning message about some sort of script problem. I got out of there quick! I love the idea of it though. The black box is interesting but lead me to a weird blog. But then, I guess all of our blogs are weird.

  6. geewits: yeah, I got that script thing too, I think it had something to do with loading the map.
    And I have had some strange blogs come up, but have also found some I recognized and some new very interesting ones. You may be right - we all have our weird days!


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