Wednesday, September 3, 2008

pillow talk

I bought two new pillows a few weeks ago. One was an expensive pillow from IKEA that was on sale for half price. The other was an expensive pillow from Shoppers Drug Mart that was on sale for half price. I know. I only do bargains. And I even got to use my Optimum points, so I actually got the second pillow for about the same price as I usually pay for pillows, which is around $8. Though I usually get two for that. They naturally don't last very long. And are often not all that comfortable after a few weeks, or nights even. But this gosa raps pillow is still very comfortable. It doesn't flatten down to nothing the way a down filled pillow does (I could never see the point in having a pillow so pillowy soft that it downed into flatness). It also doesn't have those sticking-out-pointed-bits of feathers the way feather pillows often do. You know the bits that stab you in the cheek as you snuggle into the pillow to make it mold to your head. The bits that give your cat so much pleasure to play with. It is a little disconcerting to realize that your beloved pet is not lying by your head because she is in love with your freshly shampooed hair, but is instead waiting for you to roll over and reveal another morsel of sticking-out-pointed-feather-bits to pull on and play with and eventually kill. Don't be fooled, she is not killing the feather for you. But she will put her hind foot into your eye if need be to get at it. The other pillow is a water pillow. It is perfect, as you can adjust it to any firmness you wish merely be measuring the water inside its leakproof shell. You do need to remember to keep the side with the plugged up hole on the bottom, though. And sometimes, if you are having a strange dream, the sound of the water moving in the pillow will only add to the dream and make it even weirder. Like waves crashing on a pebble while you're floating in a kayak trying to eat a smoked salmon sandwich which dissolves as you find yourself on a mountainside in a in a garden of yellow and blue flowers when a hard screech of a train whistle sounds awfully like your alarm eventually and you wake yourself up by talking out loud about a key and then you get up and go to work.

Yeah, I have no idea either.


  1. Yum... smoked salmon sandwich :) I can think of a worse way to wake up ya know ;)

    I also love a bargain, in fact, I always want a bargain and I usually find them lol I love Ikea, I have a pillow from them too. I got it in the "as is" section :) No idea why it was there but I got it at a fraction of the cost. This was one pillow I couldn't bear to throw out after my episode. I washed it a few times and it's ok.

    I didn't know SDM had pillows... must investigate.

  2. I always figured I would be the one the leak proof pillow would leak for.

  3. I never heard of a water pillow. Hmm. Does it stay put?

    All this from a pillow. I like my down one, but our cat is an outdoor barn cat. So there you go.

  4. UA: SDM has water pillows with their other medical devices!

    Jazz: yes, that was my fear, hasn't happened.

    Ruth: yes, it stays put - in fact it is remarkably heavy

  5. Good pillows aare key. Soft, but not flattenable. I'm totally with you on the no sticking-out-pointy-feather ends.

  6. Have you, like, turned your blogs into one of those that sell products? (Joking...)

    I've looked up those shoes~ can't find a retailer and don't like ordering shoes online, but, man, they look heavenly.... and now, I want a pillow. A brand new, bouncy, yet snurgly pillow that I haven't owned for years.

    I hate IKEA~ but thats fodder for a post, one day.

  7. Robin: HaHa, that actually occurred to me after I'd pressed publish!!

    I bought my shoes at Walking on a Cloud.

  8. I love a good pillow but have never found the perfect one. I'm currently using a feather surrounding a foam center pillow. The feathers never poke through because in my insane attempt to keep dust mites out of my brain I use two zippered pillow covers inside my pillow case. I love the concept of a water pillow, but my pillow has to be able to breathe as my head turns into a fire monster when I am sleeping.

  9. I think if your feather pillow is poking you, you have a crappy feather pillow. Best pillow I ever slept on was at the Marriott where they have a pillow menu and you can choose from down or synthetic down - soft, medium or firm. I ordered 3 big honkin' firm down pillows. I would have needed 3 extra suitcases to sneak those babies by the front desk.

  10. geewits: the water pillow is suppose to help with night sweats and flashes... my head just sweats onto a cool pillow.

    XUP: a pillow menu! how considerate.

    yeah, I used to buy crappy pillows, also thinking about throwing them out with the dust mites.

  11. The water pillow sounds interesting.

    Wow! That was some dream!

  12. Hi, new here.
    Just as long as the cat doesn't try and claw a feather out of the water pillow, as that might prompt dreams about the Titanic.

  13. Anon: Welcome. A wet dream, of an unpleasant sort.


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