Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Kick Ass, in an unspectacular way.

I have been a little neglectful.

But really, it was all so overwhelming.

It seems that even while I'm on holiday, I can still Kick Ass. And I should acknowledge it before Urban Animal comes to find me and actually kicks my ass for not mentioning my NEWEST AWARD.

Also, while still on holiday, I got tagged by Frogdancer over at Dancing With Frogs.

TWO Recognitions! I think I actually squealed when I read them. Abby looked up at me from her sleeping post on the footstool, and I could just tell by her eyes, and the strange curve of her mouth that stifled a yawn, that she was thinking: oh god, please no, she's going to want to tell me about this, whatever it is and I'll need to go find somewhere else to sleep. And off she ambled to another room. I followed her anyway and tried to explain my excitement but she was having none of it and took a sharp right turn to the litter box, turning to glance my way with a look that could only say: privacy, please. I knew better than to continue following. She's a quiet, wordless cat, with a potent litter box.

Anyway, thank you Urban Animal. And I know, I'm supposed to pass it on, but after my last post, probably no one wants to know about my ass kicking abilities!

But, from Frogdancer, I need to list 6 unspectacular things about myself.

Only 6?? I came up with 35. Oh well. Here's my list:
  1. I am nervous around dogs. More afraid of being licked than bitten.

  2. Once a year, or so, I remember that I have pierced ears and will wear earrings to see if the holes have closed up.

  3. I will not eat mushrooms. Or olives. Ever. If you order a pizza with those on it, I will studiously pick out every mushroomy, olivey (and green peppery, just in case) looking bits on each slice before taking a bite.

  4. Sleeping is a favourite pastime. I wish to be a pampered cat in my next life.

  5. I talk about drinking much more than I actually drink. Alcohol. Not coffee. That I do drink more than I talk about.

  6. Until 5 years ago I had the same prescription for eye glasses as when I was 12. But not the same glasses.

Now, the rules are that I also tag 6 others with a reason for choosing them. Well, my reason is the same for all of you. I'm interested in your writings of your little world you live in and am nosy enough to ask for more.

  • Grumpy Old Ken because you tell such great stories of your life
  • Sagittarian for your great Kiwi videos you share
  • Whim because you have so much honesty in your life story and will soon be famously on a billboard
  • Gwen for the amazing art you do which almost tells a story by itself
  • Robin for your descriptions of your neighbourhood and work, the good and the bad
  • Mr Nighttime because you also want to be a writer, so must share all.
Now I'm off to spread the good news.


  1. Okay.

    First off, I thought that there was more to me than my 'unrewarding' work. Hell, I know there is.

    Second, I'm off to find out what that might be.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks for thinking of me....I think.

    ") Robin

  2. Gwen: Oh dear

    Robin: There is so much more, that didn't come out right. I meant that I look forward to your descriptions of BBHS666 even though I know you are venting. I'll change that.

  3. Sleeping is a favourite pastime of mine too. Unfortunately I don't get to do enough of it.

  4. sleeping used to be my favourite pastime but since being allured into the blogspehere I think nosiness is now replaced this!!!

    I agree with you on olives - they are evil - but mushrooms now those I love.

    Off to nosey round some more blogs :)


  5. Nice to know some more things about you. You should answer 6 questions once a week.

  6. Hey, thanks for the tag, congrats on the award, (well deserved) and I'll get to posting the meme over the weekend.

  7. Jazz: I wish I were sleeping right now - I have plenty of time, it just doesn't visit me often enough!

    MA: yeah, I love peeking into the bits of lives of other bloggers!

    Irene: I've read other bloggers posts on '100 things about me' and have thought about doing that too. This may have kick started it. Could be new weekly theme...

    Mr Nighttime: Thanks. Look forward to it.

  8. Congratulations!! And, yes I enjoy sleeping too. Please tell my cat.

  9. Glad you put up your award :) I'm not a sleep worshipper, not as much as I did when I was young. Even on weekends I get up early. Well, the cat wakes me up hahaha

    And I don't eat green peppers either. Not because I don't like them but because I can't digest them.

    I also drink more coffee than I do wine, these days though, I love my wine.

  10. I never got the sleeping thing. My daughter is a crazy sleeper. I hate going to bed, but I do like little short random naps. And you are so missing out on the green olives, but I'm so with you on the mushrooms and black olives.

  11. XUP: send him down, I'll get my hefty girl to sit on his face.

    UA: Right now, what with my not sleeping, I'm not even drinking coffee. Strangely, I'm not missing it.

    geewits: somehow, that doesn't surprise me!! I also love naps - that's mostly what I get with my strange upside down schedule.

    And I've heard that green and black olives are totally different from each other - not dared to find out for myself, yet.


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