Sunday, December 28, 2008

a calm after the storm

aaargh.....blogger ate my post twice!

later, I will have to go out on the balcony and replace the carpet and pick up the shards of the terracotta pots that broke in the wind storm we had today.

When I got up this morning at 2am it was a balmy 15C. By 7am the wind started kicking up its heels and by noon the Skyway was closed due to the more than 100km/h winds.

So, my appointments cancelled, I stayed in my pyjamas and watched the Dr Who Christmas Special on youtube thanks to another blogger who showed me the way to happiness. Oh, I will miss David Tennant. (and I do wish him a speedy recovery - my cousin went to see Hamlet today in London, without him) But I can watch these episodes over and over and still find something that was missed the previous times. And, still laugh. That is important when Cybermen are invading.

Now, it is time for my midday snack.

I have been dying to show off my latest acquisition and have been waiting for good light, but can wait no longer. See what Frogdancer sent me? Lovingly made for me by her own little hands. (see how much she loved making these here)

click on image for closeup to see detail.
and yes, that is the last bit of Toblerone.


  1. I just finished writing a long post about my birthday boy and clicked onto Google Reader before I rang him. Yours was the first post I saw. Don't they look lovely? I'm so pleased you like them. (Though it's a little embarrassing to have my whinge re-broadcast. After I wrote that post David put the hand sewing into perspective by using the Logic on me. He said, "It might take a long time, but it takes far less time than knitting a baby hat for the same money, doesn't it?" I felt suddenly ok with it all when he said that. He has a good point.)

  2. Frog: It shows how much thought and concern and heartache, etc etc went into it all!

    (and probably no one will link to it...feel better?)

  3. they look beautiful and so much thought in them - I love hand made things... and good to have time to relax in pajamas.. how perfect for the holiday :)

  4. Snuggly coasters! How incredibly clever! I love the colors, too. Very cheery for a nasty Wind-ter day! You really scored with that gift.

  5. Oops, my mistake! Not a gift, but lovely, nonetheless. Well, I guess you could say they were a gift to yourself....the very best kind.

  6. RD: yes...well, I have had lots of time to relax in my pajamas lately. I love that these are original.

    Susan: they were a gift to myself. and isn't a snuggly for a wine glass a great idea?

  7. The last bit of Tobblerone is cause for an emergency at my house. How could you have let it come so far. No, really, I ate very bit of chocolate I owned and have vowed not to have any more until a long time from now, 5 kilos lighter anyway.

  8. Irene: Actually, I usually try to have one triangle a day until New Year's (two on Christmas) - I like to stretch it out. And I believe one piece a day is healthy. But this year, having the dark chocolate, well, I was bad.

  9. the mats are just gorgeous and I love seeing pics of them. Dr Who christmas special was great wasn't it, I love David Tennant as well, I am going to miss him as Dr Who - boo hoo.
    Dark Chocolate supposed to be better for you than milk choc i think.

  10. Ooh I love dark chocolate, though only in small amounts.
    Lovely gift, & I love the colours!

    Happy Happy New Year!

  11. MA: yes, it is better for you, though I think it should over 70% to be the really healthy stuff. and maybe should have some red wine to wash it down?

    Meggie: that is also what I like about the good, dark chocolate - a little goes a long way.

  12. Sorry about the winds. We've had some bad ones here lately. I need to check the roof.


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