Tuesday, December 23, 2008

it's still winter

I'm feeling just a wee bit disoriented.

Not just because I still have this nagging head cold that refuses to move on.
It's only Tuesday. Is it not Christmas Eve yet?? I feel like I should be doing something to get ready and yet.....

The gift exchange with friends and the family Christmas were all on the weekend. I've even eaten all my portion of leftover ham and sweetpotatoes and stuffing and creamy, cheesy potatoes. It is too late to mail any cards I didn't get around to mailing (again, I am so bad at this mailing thing). And I am definitely not going out into that mad rush of frantic shoppers when I clearly do not need to.

Hmm, maybe another nice cup of tea and wild blueberry pie while I have a think of what to do next.

and watch my Amaryllis grow.


  1. cup of tea and piece of pie sounds like a very good idea, add a comfy armchair, a good book and a warm blanket wrapped round - christmas bliss.


  2. I've been gulping down large amounts of tea since this past Friday when that storm hit here. Did you get whacked by the same thing?

    Oh, now more freezing rain is coming tonight. I think I'll be keeping PG Tips in business all by myself.

  3. Oh I like these gentle thoughts... tea and a piece of pie... I would sit and look out your window and watch your amaryllis grow and you would never know I was there.. I like the restfulness.. I needed that... thanks...

    I would not go out into that mad world either.. I seek solace...

  4. MA: yes, that warm chenille throw

    Mr Nighttime: yes we did, and more snow tonight. and we're supposed to be getting that rain, too. I was so looking forward to the warmer day today, but now...maybe not so much

    Gwen: well, you've got a choice: blowing snow or pretty flowers ready to burst.

  5. The last few years we had all of our Christmas stuff over with before Christmas so I know exactly how you feel. It's going to be weird this year doing Christmas stuff on the actual holiday. Merry Christmas!

  6. Tea and blueberry pie. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    Can I come over and watch your flower grow with you?

  7. Geewits: is it not Christmas yet???

    Jazz: all the pie is gone (I am such a pig) and last night's storm cancelled the trip to the market, but there'll be more...come on by.

  8. I guess that's the danger of celebrating early - you are left to watch plants grow!

  9. Oh DO feel better, my dear....It's just fine you haven't sent out the cards, etc....Not to worry...People know you love them and they understand you are sickly!

    Have a LOVELY Christmass Day, tomorrow....I hope it is filled with ALL Good things and that "Santa" will be very very good to you!

  10. Merry Christmas, Violet. I'm off to Brisbane for a month so not sure if I'll blog while away or not. Those plants look like trifids!!

  11. Hope your amaryllis is growing beautifully and that you've had a happy and wonderful Christmas day!


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