Friday, December 19, 2008

a storm and a mouse

I dropped the keys on the counter.

"It'll be a bit before I can get to your car" said the mechanic, "I have to finish up this one first".

Well, no problem. The Pier One across the parking lot and the Chapters across the street were the main reasons I came to this location for the oil change and transmission flush.

"But it should be done by 3pm, for sure"

"Oh dear" says I, as I leave the cold garage and sprint across the street. That leaves only 2 hours. I can easily spend that much time and more in a bookstore.

I first checked out the gifts and shook my head at the exorbitant prices. Then I checked the status of the Moleskins, and was dismayed to see there were no day timers left. My plan may not work out after all, but there is still Indigo, and another Chapters in Oakville.

Next was a wander down the centre aisle, where I picked up books, flipped through pages, tried to think of something suitable for the last 2 people on my list. When I got to the end wall, before turning back to wander the side aisles, I noticed a large selection of the same book in several covers. Interesting, I thought. I picked up a copy. Something seemed vaguely familiar.

It took me a moment to recognize the mouse. What little of the trailers I had seen didn't look as thrilling as Ratatouille or Shrek, but I love animation, so I started to read to see what this was about. People were pushing past me and reaching over me to get to the shelves. I found a less busy corner to stand and read. Then I found a table. With a mocha something or other, I continued to read, keeping my eye on the time and the long line snaking through giftwares to the checkout. When my 2 hours was up, I left my table and joined the queue, having time to read 3 more chapters (they are very short).

A truly delightful tale.

And with a winter storm on its way, I doubt I'll be heading to any movie theatres for the opening night. Good. I have enough time to finish the book. And I think I know a 30 year old who will also enjoy the tale of mouse who loves a princess.


  1. The 4th graders in Don's school (not his class) were going to go see the movie today - but school was cancelled with the storm and all. It sounds like a sweet story.

    Good way to use your time efficiently. Stay warm and cozy. I'm going to try to attack Henry James again, eek.

  2. Any 30 year old who enjoys the tale of a mouse who loves a princess
    is to be treasured!

  3. tis a lovely story for any age. I love bookstores and can quite happily spend all day in one. If only I had the money to indulge my passion.
    Stay safe and warm in the winter storm weather

  4. Ruth, Henry James is too deep for my mood at present.

    Peter, how about a 50 year old? (oops)

    MA, see above! (I actually only bought it when I decided to give it as a present, otherwise I'd have gone back for more mochalatte and another read)

    Jazz, I think the book is probably way better than the movie. It has too many story lines and I can't see it being a simple tale to follow.

  5. Thankyou for the Father Christmas stories.
    What a great way to fill in time waiting for your car to be serviced!

  6. I love multitasking. Living downtown, you learn to do that pretty darn quickly... I love it when I have time to browse a store, even more when it's a store I like! too bad about your planner but looks like you scored big with the book. I think this may be a book you will read again and again. Nothing beats a book like that to keep in touch with your inner child :)


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