Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday AMuse


  1. Love it! My cats would never make it that far! They had to have thrown that 'kitteh' out there!

  2. That first picture so reminds me of our dachshunds the first time they went out in the snow! Their faces were so comical.


  3. Cute pics! Love the first one :) My dog used to love the snow, you could always tell, tail erect and waggling like crazy, a definite spring in his step and rolling in the snow after putting his entire face in a snow bank. Yup, he loved winter all right! He should, he was a Samoyed.

  4. As I sit here staring out the window at the 25 - yes, 25! - centimetres of snow that fell yesterday in Vancouver, I can totally relate to that first photo especially!

  5. I love the pictures.My dogs love the snow,it is just too cold for them to be out in it at the moment it's very cold.Fun blog, thank you.

  6. I never quite understood why these cats can't spell :-)

  7. Meggie: yup, they are cute.

    Susan: Mine used to roll around in it on the balcony. Do you think mabe my apartment was a little too hot?

    MA: I'm sure it was a shock for them.

    UA: If WE were Samoyed, we'd all be doing okay about now, eh?

    Pinklea: I think you have more than we have - but there is another 10-15cm on its way today.

    Tanya: Welcome - glad you enjoy.
    Stay warm - the snow is definitely better than the cold out west!


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