Thursday, November 26, 2009

not quite decked out cont'd

ah, so here we have the tree as it appeared early this morning.
that's better looking.

a bit dull on the ornaments, though you can't quite get an appreciation for how big these ornaments are are on this very tall tree.

but, when I went back this evening to capture it lit up -
look what had appeared!

notice how it is all so boringly colour coded with red and gold.

and then my flash blanched out all the strings of white lights

but they're there, as is a view through the window of one of the lamp posts that line the driveway.
a little anti-climactic, isn't it?
tried again this morning, with a different camera.

hmmmm, see the colour difference between the old camera and the new one?
the new camera has a wide angle lens, so I could turn it sideways and get the whole tree in the shot, but I still have to figure out the night photos by the looks of it! both of these were taken on "automatic" setting.


  1. It is growing into a masterpiece.

  2. I think it needs bigger lights.

  3. and tinsel and streamers and popcorn...lovely tree!

  4. Mais non, it looks classy and 'together'. At least you HAVE a tree. I was thinking yesterday of when to get ours - hesitating between 15 December so that we at least have it for a week before Christmas, or leaving it until son comes home from university on the 18th. Or 19th. Once he makes his mind up.

  5. Gasil: it looks much prettier with the lights on

    Geewits: it looks nice for a lobby tree

    Nora: actually, there a lots of the tiny lights, so it sparkles. I miss those big old fashioned lights, though.

    Linda: personally, I think it is way too early. a week before until a week after is perfect. our family had a day-after-new-year's-day tradition of starting to take the tree down, though sometimes it took a week to finish the job.

  6. I think it's amazing how come people can colour coordinate their trees. When I do one it ends up full of all sorts of light, all sorts of ornament - basically it looks like a jumbled up toybox.

  7. That's one big tree! And it looks lovely. When I was small we used to have some really beautiful glass tree ornaments. We were so careful with them, they lasted for years. I think my daughter has one or two even now. Colour coordination was out - we had those ornaments and that was that!

  8. You new camera works great. But the tree is missing something. Maybe tinsel or more ornaments. Not sure....

  9. ...I'm thinking of cleaning out my storeroom today in order to get out my Christmas decorations...I can't even start thinking about it until after our Thanksgiving...

    I think it's a beautiful tree for a large foyer...just glad I wouldn't have to put it up or take it down:)

  10. ...I meant to mention how difficult I find any night pics are to take...I hate the way flash washes out everything...I think your pics with the new camera are fine...

  11. What a difference your new camera makes! This is not the same little tree as you posted on Wed., right?

  12. Goosebreeder: definitely tinsel. whatever happened to that? it doesn't seem to be in favour anymore.

    Jazz: I think you have to buy everything at the same time. I have a friend who has a 'jumbled up toybox' of a tree and I love looking at it, because there are no two ornaments the same. much more interesting that way.

    Gilly: considering I like colour co-ordination on most everything, I'm not a big fan of the themed trees. they look rather 'corporate' to me. though, I guess a condo lobby is corporate...
    I love the old glass ornaments.

  13. Oliag: I think any time before Dec 1st is way too early. I am a little tired of it by the time Christmas finally gets here.

    Jeannette: the last picture, with the lights showing is the only one from my old camera - the point and shoot. but, yes, that is the same tree, in all its glory now!

  14. The two colors of tree showed up quite different in the cameras..I didn't think cameras can be like that..Your trees looked nice already!

  15. Icy: I am quite surprised at the difference in the colours! Yeah, I thought that happened in the developing process.

  16. Prettier with lights than without.
    I am nowhere near ready for Christmas this year.
    I don't think I will ever catch up.

    Nuts in May

  17. Maggie May: yes, I think lights elevate a tree to spectacular, whatever else may be decorating it.

  18. I think the Friday finished picture is great! That's with your new camera? The lighting is perfect IMO. And I really like the have to stay kind of simple for a foyer. I have to put mine up next weekend so I can do the grandkids' Christmas portraits for the Christmas cards. I'll be doing it all by my lonesome as the hubby is leaving for China tomorrow.

  19. Susan: I never put up a tree, after spending many frustrating, lonesome hours doing our family tree when I was young. But I love looking at others' efforts!

  20. It's absolutely beautiful...!

    Gosh, I don't put up a tree for a couple of weeks yet. Everyone is way ahead of me.

  21. I think this tree is very pretty. We're like tree for a couple of weeks yet!

  22. You're ahead of me. I just carried the ornaments up form the basement and hope to go out and get a tree this week.

  23. Jo: most of the lobbies and restaurants put their trees up far too early. it should be after the Grey Cup at least!

    Vicki: good. a tree should be magical, and it loses its magic if it is up too early.

    SAW: this one is in the lobby of the condo across the street.


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