Friday, March 14, 2014

cats and balloons

these 1930s kitties don't really look too thrilled to be sending out birthday wishes
so  I was thrilled to get this hand made postcard from Finland this week



  1. Somewhere (but, where?) I have a postcard like these vintage ones that was sent to my mother in the early 1920's - it was actually a birthday card from her grandmother. These days, greetings cards (especially ones emblazoned with 'Happy Birthday'!) tend to come with envelopes! I wonder if the postman read the greeting....? ;-p

    SueH at The Knitting Assassin!

  2. Happy birthday to you!!!

    The handmade card is beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday....I like the kitties though.

  4. I love the kitty birthday postcards. I have some of a similar age and style.

  5. These cards are wonderful! I especially love the firest one. lol Although that grand kitty in the second postcard reminds me of our Main Coon Elvis. (sigh) Still miss that big boy.

    Have a lovely weekend and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  6. Happy Birthday! The handmade is really nice. I like the 1st kitty card too especially the greeting.
    Hope you have a great weekend with lots of surprises.

  7. That's funny - the cats do look remarkably ... not unhappy exactly, but a little glum.

  8. Happy birthday. Your posts are very interesting. Stamps and postcards are an art form that is part of our cultural history.


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