Friday, March 21, 2014

escape to a fairly land

The weather may have gotten warmer, but it is not quite warm enough to feel like Spring. 
There is still rather a lot of snow and ice lying around. 
Dirty snow and ice.

I think a trip to a warm isle is in order.
how about here?
We are having one grand time swimming, dancing, eating etc. This certainly is a fairly land & we do enjoy the warm weather, Leo & Leona (sent  Apr 1939)
look at all that green!!
though the hotel seems a bit of a hike from the beach

 so we could try going to Bahamas instead, where the hotels are on the beach
there's the Fort Montagu Beach Hotel (built 1926)
Nassau in the Bahamas with its beautiful "vision-level" pool and cabana club
or the Emerald Beach Hotel
Nassau Bahamas 
Right on the oceanfront overlooking the largest and most magnificent private beach in Nassau. Three hundred luxurious rooms. Tennis Courts, Calypso Lounge, and a Pitch 'n Putt Course
Hi David,
Enjoying our stay here but weather not too good. We rented a car and have been touring the island. The land is quite flat and not as pretty as some of the other islands. The flowers however are gorgeous and the people friendly. There seems to be all kinds of flights from here to Florida so if you should decide to come you shouldn't have any trouble. My best to your mother and dad, Charmaine (sent Aug 1962)

I really have no idea what a 'vision-level' pool is (perhaps an infinity pool?) nor do I quite understand the "fairly land"
I thought I'd look up Emerald Beach Hotel and found someone else was trying to find it back in 2006 with this interesting thread on tripAdviser.
and here is a link to some other wonderful old photos and postcards of the Fort Montagu Beach Hotel.



  1. Hotels on the beach are heaven until it's Tsunami time lol.

  2. It doesn't feel like Spring here, and tomorrow is supposed to be 20° F. colder.

  3. Very obviously a fairly pleasant place. I'm in a fairly nice place at the moment, beside the Mediterranean. Not as warm as I'd like though.

  4. I don't envy you the dirty snow & ice season, but soon enough it will be gone. Nice cards to share would love to be on the beach. Was it Ed Allen that did his exercise show on TV in the Bahamas?
    I notice too how nice and legible the handwriting is.

  5. How wonderful! Especially that first one--the idea of visiting fairyland is intriguing! lol

    Have a lovely week and happy Postcard Friendship Friday!


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