Tuesday, November 11, 2014

poppies on the hill

On a drive home between Elora and Fergus last week, I came across this arresting sight. I had to stop, and even waited for traffic to clear and backed up to get a better look. Not a recommended action, but there was a wide shoulder.
dusk was settling in fast, so I only had a few minutes to walk among the rows.
row upon row of names divided into sections for each village in Wellington County.  the blue markers are for WWII and the brown for WWI.  apparently the Korean and Afghanistan wars are included, though I didn't see any markers for them.  there are 471 markers.

a simple marker stating a name with no rank or regiment, a hometown, age and date of death, and the cemetery where buried - if known. the really poignant ones had a name and town but no other information about them. 
at least their name is remembered.

teaching the young


  1. This is one am\zing sight of REMEMBRANCE.

  2. Breathtaking! I shared your post on my Facebook page.

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