Sunday, November 9, 2014

fruits and berries

strawberries and apples from Russia - on a round stamp no less! these are part of their 'gifts of nature' series from 2003
below is the lower value Canadian definitives that came out in 1992.  Mistassini Quebec has a blueberry festival every August which may be the reason it was chosen for the FDC issue.
1¢ - blueberry from the temperate climate of eastern Canada
2¢ - wild strawberry grows across Canada. apparently there are three different types: woodland, field and seaside (found only in the west)
3¢ - black crowberry from the Arctic where Inuit and Indians dried or froze them and brewed the twigs for tea.
5¢ - rose hip from wild roses, one of the richest fruits in vitamins (25x vitamin C more than an orange). black crowberries and rose hips can both be used for sugar substitutes.
6¢ - black raspberry grows in moist to dry woods, mainly used for cooking and preserves
10¢ - kinnikinnick, the only one I'd never heard of before, grows in the north. they are high in carbs and considered a survival food. it seems to be known as 'bear berry' in French so it must be a favourite of the bears who are not eating blueberries
25¢ - saskatoon berry apparently has about 15 different names throughout the country. they make excellent jams and pies

now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll head out and find some pie... or something otherwise fruity for lunch.



  1. Such summery pictures on a chilly day.

  2. Strawberries, yum. Very pretty pictures on these stamps. Than you for participating!

  3. Delightful fruit and much of it available for free.

  4. The Canadian stamps are especially attractive.

  5. A beautiful serie. And the postmark I think great, too! Thank you for sharing - and hope you have enjoyed your lunch :-)

  6. Wonderful stamps for a not-s-easy theme!

    I have read in Viridian blog's that maybe you are able to carry on this meme. As Heleen said, I also would like to participate. I don't participate every week, however (due mostly to travelling). I discovered "Sunday Stamps" in number #119, and I have participated 34 times so far. Not so bad!

  7. Its nice to see the berries in their natural habitats on the Canada stamps. I've never heard of black raspberries before, how fascinating, I love raspberries.


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