Sunday, May 23, 2010

SundayStills - landscapes

It is a long holiday weekend here, and of course, it is raining.

But, last week we had an all time high of 33C on Thursday. I didn't realize it was going to be quite that hot when I set out on my hike.

The day start started out like this, calm and understated.

I headed up the escarpment to walk some trails

and look back from whence I came

until I eventually reached my goal

Tew's Falls - 135' ribbon of water. The first time I visited these waterfalls (there is also a lower falls of 10') I found out that this one often dries up in the summer. So, I thought I'd get an earlier start.
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  1. Hi Violet

    you do get extremes of temperatures from winter through summer. It must have been a warm walk but worth it...

    Happy days

  2. Looks like a great hike! I love waterfalls, they make you feel cool, even if the temperature is sky high!

  3. That looks like such a great hike. With such beautiful scenery! Wonderful! I wish we could do stuff like that here.
    I bet you felt really good afterward.

    Have a great Sunday and long weekend!

  4. Wonderful walk/hike and beautiful scenery! Love the falls!

  5. Gorgeous views! You must have had quite a drive just to get to the trails. Beautiful looks as if it's falling at a slant.

  6. Great shots! I really loved the one of the waterfall. :)

  7. Delwyn: yes, out temperatures make good use of ALL four seasons, though it isn't usually so hot this early.

    Gilly: if I hadn't felt so hot and tired I would have walked down to the base of this one, but that was another hour.

    Betty: we have many waterfalls around here, and my 'get fit goal' is to hike to them all (hahahah)

    Susan: actually, not far at all. it was only about 15-20 minutes. we have over 100 waterfalls in the city area and so far I have only seen seven.

  8. Very nice, I love the shot of Tew's falls..:-)

  9. dibear: an I had to slant the picture to get the waterfall and the rock bowl with the creek below in properly. I wanted to show how deep it really is.

  10. Ed: thanks. I'll go back when it is dried up and take pictures for a before and after view!

  11. Very beautiful hike! I'd love to take that one too.

  12. Lovely images. The waterfall is spectacular.
    ☼ Sunny

  13. Beautiful! That is a stunning view of the falls :D

  14. Looks like a fun and rewarding hike. Nice pictures, love waterfalls like this, very hypnotic.

  15. Gigi: thanks. this was actually several little hikes - good for the calves and glutes workout!

    Sunny: this is one of my favourites - so dramatic!

    wollreflections: all the better for the surprise element of the bowl the falls go into.

    Chloe: hypmotic and yet everchanging. One can see them several times and see something different each time.

    SueAnn: sorry, I missed you the first time around - it is beautiful scenery along the Niagara Escarpment and so close to home, too!

  16. Oooh! Such pretty views and a wonderful hike with a treasure to find at the end.
    Lovely photos!


  17. I just love waterfalls, and that one is gorgeous.

  18. Beautiful! I love each image but especially the waterfall! Glad you captured it before it dried up for the summer!

  19. Lovely hike, thanks for taking me. But at 33 degrees I probably wouldn't have made it.

  20. I have been to Tews falls and Webster's falls that is nearby. It is pretty spectacular. Great pictures of your day out. Valerie

  21. Lisa: yes, I need an end reward if I'm doing any hiking.

    SAW: I had a good day seing four waterfalls.

    Sandy: that waterfall seems to be the favourite!

    Friko: that heat pretty much did me in!

    Valerie: these two are my favourites, but I'm thinking I should wander out and see a few of the others! (I love how close together these are and yet so very different)

  22. It's raining here in New Zealand too. In fact we are getting a rain bomb. I like that waterfall. Looks like a sheet of water. Does it freeze up in winter?

  23. Now you can say to your friends, "But when I was up there, there WAS lots of water!"

  24. wow, a adventure hike it might b? i loved the 2nd and 4th one. The tone for 2nd one is juz perfect and give it a magicial touch. Good one

  25. I love the waterfall! Very nice! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  26. What a wonderful hike! It looks like it was quite a long one. The photo of where you came from is amazing! Love your photo's, the black and white of the escarpment cliff is beautiful. Glad to hear you got to the falls before they dried up.

  27. Ann: well, the rain held off (except for Saturday) afterall! yes, it does freeze up in the winter - though not this past winter, which was very mild.

    Jeannette: I hope to capture it in all seasons to see the dramatic changes.

    HGL: thanks. for some reason, it came out very green tinged, and I liked it much better when I tried it in B&W

    Katie: thank you.

    Elizabeth: thanks. it wasn't too long, as I actually did three different short hikes.


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