Sunday, May 30, 2010

SundayStills - logos

This week's theme is corporate logos.
Signage is another thing I love to capture for posterity.
And I was pleased to have gotten this beauty (which may only be meaningful to fellow Canadians) before it was changed to the new boring name of 'metro'.
Dominion grocery store
Here we have the Redpath sugar refinery (with a LCBO - Liquor Control Board of Ontario sign also included). This area is under massive redevelopment at the moment, which is an exciting change to a wasteland on the waterfront.
Redpath Sugar and Liquor Store

Then there is the iconic Hudson's Bay department store logo - Canada's first department store - conveniently truncated to simply "the Bay"
Hudson's Bay
And another iconic logo....
'crappy tire', er 'Canadian Tire'
"more than just tires" this store is an automotive centre, hardware, kitchen ware, home decor, sports store with a garden centre in the summer
But my all time favourite - for nostalgia reasons, perhaps - is this particular logo.

It belongs to a car dealership.

The 'girl on a swing' has swung in the east end of Toronto for
decades. When the area where the sign was located was slated for development, there was a huge outcry when the sign was thought to be outdated and to be removed forever. It was eventually moved further down the street and sits on the actual lot of Willison.

When I was young, I got excited when we drove past her, wishing for a red light so we could sit a moment and watch her swinging. There was a time when she wore a bikini in the summer, but I haven't seen that particular outfit lately.

Above is her winter outfit, and below is a fetching red number for spring.
(I also remember the top bit of the tree changing with the seasons, but it seems to stay constant in these days of restraint)

Isn't she a fun taste of the 50's?
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  1. love the iconic too - the story of the girl of the swing was a great one. :)

  2. Love your shots! The swinging woman is a hoot! I have never seen a sign like that!

  3. I loved your choices, especially the last one. :)

  4. Sometimes the 'iconic' logos will suddenly disappear (as in Dominion) and since company names aren't chiselled into their locations anymore, they can be forgotten in time.

    Yes, the 'girl on a swing' (as she is lovingly known) is a one of a kind!

  5. I love the girl on a swing! Canadian Tire is my FAVORITE store!

  6. The "Girl on the Swing" is now past the sexist stage and purely nostalgic. Good thing she's not in a bikini, thoguh.

  7. Elizabeth: yes, Crappy Tire has done a great job of luring the women shoppers!

    Nora: and in these days of in your face LED signs, this is a refreshing look at a time when advertising signs were fun.

  8. 30 years is a long time to be away from canada. I don't recognise any of your logos.

    Did you have a supermarket chain called Dominion?

  9. All the signs are wonderful and the swinging girl is terrific. The fact that they change her outfit is amazing! Thanks for sharing

  10. Glad you told us about the swing, I didn't know what to think LOL. Nice shots.

  11. Ann: all of these have been around and unchanged for decades - maybe you didn't pay attention to the signs as much as you might now?
    Yes, Dominion: "it's mainly because of the meat" was their signature.

    SueAnn: I am surprised that they still change her outfit! and the sign doesn't look very battered and weather weary.

    morephotosplease: I hadn't seen the exit sign before and it does look a litle strange, doesn't it?!

  12. How do they change that swing girl's outfit? Is it just painted over every season or is it some sort of sticker or are there a bunch of different swing girls and one is taken down and another attached to the board?

  13. You've captured quite a bit of Canadiana in this post! All are familiar to me, of course...except for the girl on the swing.

  14. XUP: y'know, I have no idea though my guess would that there are several girls and she is changed. I have tried to find out, but maybe next time I am in the area, I will have to ask the salesmen if they know.

    EGWow: I guess you'd have to frequent the north eastern corner of East York to be familiar with her.

  15. Maybe she's like the Morton's salt girl who has been updated a couple of times, I think.

  16. The woman in the swing is just great! Wish we had an advertising icon like that!

  17. SAW: good one. or the Coppertone baby.

    Susan: and I wish someone (in my family) had thought to take a photo of it back in the 60s.

    crazysheeplady: thanks.


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