Wednesday, May 26, 2010

woman in pink

There were only two of us in the gym, on an afternoon during +3oC temperatures.
I have decided that my new regimen will include spending a certain amount of time every day using the treadmill or elliptical, especially since walking in this heat just drains me of the will to live move.

I settled onto the more taxing of the machines with my water bottle and a newspaper section. Because the only way I can manage the elliptical is to be distracted from the fact that I am on an elliptical. I politely say hello to the woman in pink on the machine far off to my right. She is watching the television with subtitles for All My Children. I ask if I am blocking her view, because if I was I would gladly have used that excuse to move to the easier machine. But, no, she was fine. I notice that she is standing tall and elegant and I want to emulate this instead of gripping the bar for dear life.

I spend a fair bit of time programming the machine, organizing my water bottle on the little shelf and holding my newspaper as I pedal. I stare out the window, I read for a bit, I glance at the television, I read a bit more. I wipe off the sweat that is pouring down my forehead. I slow for a drink, but the water bottle is one of those with a wide mouth, and I have not slowed enough so it sploshes on my t-shirt. I check the time. 4 minutes. I realize I am panting. I furiously read a book review about a book I will never read by an author I have never heard of. Keep moving.

I decide I need a towel at the 6 minute mark and as I get off the machine I glance at the woman in pink. She is steadily doing what you do on her elliptical machine. Very fast. She has long, straight blonde hair. Not a strand seemed to be frizzed. I see no beads of perspiration. I am fascinated.

My hair is uncomfortably damp. My face, I know, is flushed (one reason I NEVER wear pink when I exercise). Keep moving. My legs are shaking, but to slow down is actually more difficult so I keep pedalling. I stop to drink some water. And rest. I cannot keep moving. It has been 16 minutes. Oh wait, plus the original 6 minutes. Yay, I actually went over the 20 minute level! I smile in pride. I wipe the sweat from my brow, my arms, my chest, my neck, my head... I try to stand upright as get off the machine. I try to breathe more slowly and less obviously. The woman in pink is still steadily pedalling. I feel a bit intimidated.

I move to the treadmill...
I move to the steam bath...
I move to the shower....
As I am drying my hair, the woman in pink comes into the change room. Still no beads of sweat, no frizzy hair. Still standing tall and elegant. She changes into street clothes and leaves, looking for all the world refreshed. I wonder if she was an illusion.

I think about another woman in pink, Pinklea.
She may or may not be an illusion, but she has bestowed upon me an award, so I like to think she must be real. And she lives in Vancouver where I hope to visit again some day....

A Prolific Blogger Award.
I'm not always particularly prolific, but now I have a responsibility to try harder.

And, of course, there are rules.
A Prolific Blogger must link back to the person who awarded them. That would be Pinklea. Done.
A Prolific Blogger must link to the original blog where the award is explained and add your blogname to Mr Linky so everyone else can read your prolificness. Done. I am #347.
Then, a Prolific Blogger must pass this award on to 7 other Prolific Bloggers.
Hmm. Well, if you think you are a prolific blogger and would like this award, it is yours. Take from me with my blessing. And keep blogging. Keep moving. And stand tall and elegant. And proud of your accomplishment.

Thank you Pinklea!


  1. I always wonder about those people that never "sweat" or maybe I should say "perspire". Where does it go?! :)

    Congrats on the award!

  2. Betty: she was a remarkable young woman. I don't think that can be healthy to be so fit that you don't sweat, can it?

  3. Just for the record, I'm quite real and I sweat on the machines. Only sometimes. Not always. And my hair is brown and bobbed and definitely frizzes in humidity. I'm only 5'4", so not terribly tall. But I do look quite fetching in pink.

    You're very welcome, VioletSky!

  4. I would be the red sweaty one, beating a hasty wet retreat from all things exercise!!

  5. She changed without even having to shower first? Was she an alien?

  6. You made me feel exhausted just reading your blog!! I know how you feel - I used to go to the gym before the Surgery That Went All Wrong. It was the treadmill got me! But we could have a quick rinse and then get into the pool. Oh Bliss!!

    No, I don't cound myself as a prolific blogger! Reader maybe, blogger, no!

  7. Pinklea: I have met Pauline, who has met you, so there is verification of your realness!

    Meggie: some people can still look glamorous when they ... glow. I am not one of them.

    Jo: I was told by one of the staff that this young, lithe thing has been doing this for a long time - but I go for your alien theory!
    truly, no shower! I was in shock.

    Gilly: I keep reminding myself of the steam bath as a treat. I wish there was a pool, but it is a very small fitness club.
    ...and yes, I also read way more than I write (posts or comments!)

  8. Hello Pink Lady

    isn't that the name of a beautiful flower...and aren't you a violet...

    Happy days

  9. I hear you about the lady in pink. I have seen them...they are real. Though they may be aliens in human form. What gets me is their hair stays in place and never shows any signs of wetness?? WTH?
    They even walk without effort...they glide!!
    To be so gifted!!!

  10. Delwyn: I an not a pink lady. I am definitely a shrinking violet!
    hmmm, isn't a Pink Lady the name of a drink? something with gin and grenadine?

    SueAnn: yes, she glided out the room. really, I have no idea how that is possible. and she didn't even have to comb her long, white-blond hair.

  11. There's nothing surprising about the young, blonde woman. Young people make less effort and so seldom sweat. Everything comes natural and easy to them.

  12. We have an apple variety called Pink Lady. It is excellent.
    And just reading your account has totally discouraged me from going anywhere near a gym. But I applaud and admire your efforts.

  13. If you spent 22 minutes on the elliptical machine you are far, far better person than I am!

    Hasn't the heat been miserable? I'm so happy that better weather returns tomorrow.

  14. Oh that sounds too much like hard work.
    I think my face would be purple!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. you're a better man than I am Gunga-Din (Kipling)
    Treadmills? Gyms? Nah, been there, done that, got the scars!
    I am getting old and lazy, so be it.
    I'LL probably change my mind tomorrow or next week when I get on the scales.

  16. DUTA: you make a good point about the young. She was surely on the other side of 30.

    Persiflage: yes, I remember having tried one, now that you mention it. I don't want to discourage anyone, but thanks for your applause.

    EGWow: it has taken me more than 2 months to get to that point. (and remember, I did have a bit of a rest in the middle of it all!) I hate this heat. I can feel a thunderstorm is sure to come tonight - hope it relieves the heat.

    Maggie: I figure I must look a fright when I am done - I do get a lot of double takes and people are at a loss for words except: you look like you had a good workout. I am just gald to still be alive.

  17. Friko: I had been changing my mind for months... but a family wedding and the threat of photos spurred me forward.

  18. Smiling away. That was fun.

    I have to do my bit here in a little while, after my salad settles. I'm doing this aerobic hand weight thing, outside, alternating with circuits of the driveway. It's supposed to be nicer out here, looking at the farm. But it is still so BORING.

    Summer. Frizz. That's what it is. Period. I think you and I have similar hair.

  19. The woman in pink was actually a Stepford Wife. Keep your distance.

  20. You keep at it woman and one day you'll be the bone dry elegant broad in pink!

  21. I have no pride. After walking and sweating for 3 1/2 miles with Lucy (the dog), I went straight to town and got a haircut. I figured, why should I wash it when I can have it done for me.

    I hate the treadmill, ellipticals, all forms of exercise, except when it doesn't feel like exercise, such as hiking in beautiful hills or mountains, or along lakes.

    I now have shorter hair for summer.

  22. I'm so impressed that you went to the gym at all. Don't think I've set foot in one since I moved to the sticks 7 years ago. All the comments have been very generous to the elegant lady in pink, so I won't lower the tone by saying what I am thinking about her... ;)

  23. (D'oh! All my comments are coming up twice today - sorry!)

  24. Ruth: it is way, way, too hot for me to exercise outside. but I like the idea of gentle breezes as you lift your weights and stroll... oh wait, where's the cardio in that. see how undisciplined I am?

    SAW: that is a scary thought!!

    XUP: and by then the 'broad in pink' will be having her own hot flashes and all day night sweats!!

    Susan: I am trying to do more hiking, but I find I slow down too often, stop and take a photo, admire a flower, watch the birdies... again, not much cardio in my long walks!

    Beastie: I gather all tones, high or low. I am impressed with myself that I have been going so often. they do give you LOTS of encouragement.

  25. I am definitely a prolific blogger. I put up several posts every day; however I don't do awards. Alas.

    I believe the lady in pink must have been wearing a hollodeck suit that projected the image she wished you to see. She wasn't real. Relax.

  26. Violet sky: Her is to you and your blogging and working out! I've started moving a little more than usual but can't bring myself to heading over to that treadmill. So far, in NC, the weather is conducive to walking. Keep us posted!


  27. I once heard that "Horses sweat. Men perspire. Women glow." My treadmill makes a lovely hanger for towels fresh out of the wash.

  28. Reading your post made me laugh out loud, which I really don't do when reading posts. I went to the gym this morning because it's 90F/32C here! I took my iPod so I cold listen to a podcast of Studio 360 or This American Life. Lucky me, no one was in the little "Ladies" room at my gym. NO ONE! I was all by myself, bored, glowing, and walking! I was going to quit the gym, then realized that I'd never walk anywhere in the heat all summer, and that wouldn't be good. I'll think of you, and the Pink Lady, now. Thanks for the imagery.

  29. Jan: maybe I should come to NC and you can give me a walking tour...!

    Susan: funny, we were saying just that last night as we 'glowed' or 'glistened' in the heat at a backyard bbq!
    my bicycle holds clothes quite comfortably...

    Mim: there you go - I helped you burn calories by having a good laugh!
    the heat does help draw me into the gym, that's for sure!


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