Tuesday, August 6, 2013

grave post - Captain Hugh

Hugh and Annie MacKinnon were married in Kincardine on January 2, 1878. Their marriage certificate says that Hugh was born in Tyree, Argyleshire, Scotland and was 29 years old. He was also a bachelor and a sailor. Annie was 19 years old and born in Bruce County. No profession was listed but curiously, also not listed was whether she was a spinster. We could assume that were she a widow, that would be included. But what is interesting is that the stone says Hugh was born in 1845 and Annie in 1858 which would make him 13 years older not 10. The genealogy chart I found lists their birth dates as Nov 11, 1844 and Aug 20, 1858 respectively. Perhaps he was a little vain about the age difference when he met her? Annie's maiden name was also MacKinnon and I wonder if they were cousins but then, she would have known is true age, surely. Or maybe it was just a simple matter of someone writing down the wrong information and it was never corrected.

Annie and Hugh would have 11 children in the next 20 years.
Donald was born in Dec 1878 followed by Neil the following December, Sarah Ann (Aug 1881), Jean (Oct 1883), Margaret (Sept 1886), Archibald (Aug 1888), Mary Flora (Jan 1891), Ethel (Aug 1892), Catherine (Dec 1894), John Hector (Feb 1896), and Hugh Clarke (Oct 1898). There is no date of death listed for firstborn Donald, or 6th born Archibald, and apart from Sarah Ann, who died in Saskatchewan in 1922, the others all lived until the at least the late 1960s with Mary and Margaret being the longest surviving children (1984 and 1980 respectively)

The site also says that Hugh was also known as "Captain Hugh" and that he sailed the Great Lakes for 50 years.

you can see a photo of Annie and Captain Hugh here


  1. Maybe they were cousins...there was certainly a similarity in appearance. Eleven kids...wow.

    1. They don't look more than 10 years apart in age either, do they?
      and all the children all lived to adulthood!

  2. Replies
    1. I have since found some more snippets of info so will have to see if I can find other family members gravesites.

      good to see you again, Carol!


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