Wednesday, November 5, 2008

more mail - postcards

From Ute - Germany From Stephanie - Delaware USA

From Silja - Finland

From Toby -Germany

Please, I need help with this uploading/downloading - this took forever and if you click on them you'll see that the images are ginormous, which is not what I wanted. These were uploaded using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard and I cannot see how to make the image smaller. Should I be using something else?
UPDATE: Okay, I've figured out there is a resizing option on Microsoft Office Picture Manager where pictures can be compressed. I used to have photoshop and I didn't have this trouble before the 'crash'. But, if anyone knows of anything else, then by all means share.


  1. Try taking a photo of each card and then transfer them from the camera to the pc. You have embedded photos before so am thinking this might be an idea. might not be a good idea but could be worth a try.

    Am not overly good with scanners!

    WOW - so that is 4 postcards so far. I am seriously thinking of getting into this, there is nothing nicer than getting mail.


  2. I've heard that if you don't have PhotoShop to resize photos, Irfanview is great:

  3. Oh! And I meant to say, the postcards must be so fun to receive. I collect postcards, I love them as souvenirs.

  4. I don't know the answerr to the scanner problem - mine always seem to come out normal-sized. But how cool to be geting those from all over.

  5. I think the sizes are just fine -- any smaller and we'd miss all the detail. What fun that you're getting all these cards from all over.

  6. MA: That is what I've done, and I notice my older photos weren't this big.

    Ruth: Thanks, I'll check that option out as well as the picnik one you referred to on your blog. Somany options!

    Citizen: mine used to come out normal sized, I don't know why theat changed.

    XUP: They are fine but if you click on them you'd need a massive 32" screen to fit it all in. And it took 20 minutes to upload those three photos.

  7. ALL: This makes the trek to the mailbox exciting! Especially as you never know where the next one will be from.

  8. Oh that card thing looks like such fun!! Good on you for doing that. BTW, you've been tagged. Hope you don't mind.


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