Saturday, November 8, 2008

oh crap

In spite of the warmth and sunshine that has brought a smile to my face, it has been a crap week.

It started with a flat tire. The spare, no less. It was still on the car from the other flat tire a couple of weeks ago while I waited to get snow tires put on. Luckily the regular tire had been easily 'plugged' and repaired as I had another flat the next day. A hunk of metal on the Gardiner, shredded it. Missed my appointment for that one. I am still waiting to get my car door fixed as the part that took 10 days to arrive did not fit and must be re-ordered. On the upside, at least it has been reasonably warm and not too rainy. But it's coming. Then last night whilst attempting to manoeuvre into a driveway, I scraped and dented the car door on some pointlessly placed and newly installed bricks surrounding a postage stamped size bit of lawn. The townhouse complex also has several dozen huge rocks lined up and the tenants are worried about their placement, too. The entrances and yards are all at ground level, so the bricks are for what purpose?

I realize that I have been experiencing increasing pain in my hands and fingers which may or may not be arthritis. And I have a very irritating hangnail on my thumb. Both of which makes both of my jobs ... painful.

Later, I stopped off at a store that shouldn't be selling groceries but does anyway and often has butter on special for almost half price. They didn't have butter, for half price or otherwise (strange?) but they did offer Ben&Jerry's for $2 off. Yep, Chunky Monkey came home with me. Yep, I ate the whole thing. All by myself.

And now, to round out the week, I will share with you that I have been 'tagged' from The Sagittarian who lives in New Zealand and usually has some very entertaining musical videos at the end of blog posts. She wants to know about my most embarrassing album purchase. Yes, I am of a certain age where there are many embarrassing 70's and even 80's songs that might have made it to my iPod playlist, if there'd been such a thing (which I still don't have) so there was a bit of cringing as I reached back into my memory...

While I also was among the throngs of teenage girls listening to The Osmonds, and The Jackson Five, and The Partridge Family (well, David Cassidy) I was not alone, so even though it is cringe-worthy now, and even was a little bit then, I was not alone, so nope none of those would be my most embarrassing choice. Though, unlike the Sagittarian's pick, I never got into Donny and Marie. That is embarrassing. I remember sometimes wishing as a teenager that I was more into edgier music, but I was attracted to the softer sounds. Folk was big. And so was country for a couple of years. And by country, I mean The Oak Ridge Boys. And Alabama. Okay, and Glen Campbell. But, I remember being really happy listening to them at the time, so that can't quite qualify as embarrassing.

No, the one that sticks in my mind as being the most useless piece of music I've ever owned (and quite possibly, if I check the box where I know there are some 45's nesting, still own) would have to be this choice (see below). I know I bought it in Scotland during my first or second visit when it was a huge obnoxious hit. And I know it brought back memories to many people when it was featured on an episode of Life On Mars - UK version (because many people on youtube commented so), but for the life of me --- what was I thinking?

You'll need to move down a post to witness the video, could not manage to get both on the same post, for some reason.

Because I want to share my pain, I invite Citizen of the World who educated us about ohrwurms or earworms (I prefer the German myself), XUP who must have a song or two in her past, Mr Nighttime who claims to be influenced by music, and just to get to know you better Jo to go back in time and expose your own personal humiliation. Anyone else who wants to play along, I'll not dissuade you.


  1. Am being thick? What was the piece of music.

    A confused MA

  2. MA: am having trouble downloading the video, but finally figured it out, but not how to get them both on the same post. My brain is addled. so look at post below.

  3. phew, thought my brain had packed up!! I haven't even mastered downloading videos into posts!


  4. Oh, I am going to have to scour my brain for this one, but I have a couple of ideas in mind. Actually, now that I think of it, there are probably two that fit the bill.

    BTW, I posted two pics of the neighbors house I blogged about.

  5. Hey, this is kind of cool. But...emm... are those women or men??? They're wearing hot pants. I'm confused. Whatever, mine hands-down beat this for sheer dweeb factor: Starlight Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight.

  6. XUP: I'm confused, too. I remember the song not the singers. It was the mid 70's.

    You actually bought Afternoon Delight?

  7. I am reading this through the google reader and saw the video before I read your post. This explains everything. My most embarrassing music moments are anything with the Beegees on it. I thought they were so cool and now I just want to hide my head in shame. Well, I was young and dumb and uneducated when it came to good music. Thank god I have evolved.

  8. Puppet on a String by Sandi Shaw, springs to mind as embarrassing choice of music. However many of you will not be old enough to remember it.

  9. I do believe I did. For some reason I used to think sex in the afternoon was incredibly naughty. I also used to be aghast at Cecilia -- who does 2 guys in one afternoon. Anyway, there's an hilarious clip on YouTube of the SVB singing afternoon delight -- you MUST watch it

  10. Maggie May: Oh yes, that is a sad choice!! - am I THAT old??

    XUP: I thought she was incorrigible! The 70's were a bad era.

  11. Oh, good, a chance to share your pain. Okay, I'm game - I'll get to it this week.

  12. Thanks, Violet! Its amazing how many of other people's "shameful" contributions I remember!!

  13. I'm quite please to play along, go back in time and expose my own personal musical humiliation ;-)

    When I was growing up in Antwerp, Belgium, ABBA (the band) was huge.

    I'd agreed to appear in a play-back show (being ABBA lookalikes) ending my school's yearly ball, so we had been practicing in the local park (the moves, the steps, the whole package)

    In those days, tapes and LPs were widely used, but right after the applause as the four of us had gone on stage, that trusted tape-recorder malfunctioned,
    leaving us in front of several hundred students, friends, family and teachers, with only a microphone and, well, no music.

    I guess this experience qualifies as embarrassing :-)

    All the best from a rainy and cold Belgium.

  14. Irene: oh yes, the BeeGees...

    Peter: and ABBA... an a capella sing-a-long? that sounds almost excruciatingly embarrassing.

  15. Sagittarian: I know, and every selection sends snippets of awful songs into my brain for hours - those damn earworms Citizen wrote about!

  16. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad week and I hope things get better for you soon.

    Chunky Monkey is my absolute favorite B&J ice cream.


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