Sunday, November 30, 2008


This past week has been Dull and Dreary. Dark and Grey. Not the kind of days that entice one to venture outside for strolling.

The enticement lay more in staying indoors with a pot of tea and a good book.

So, that's what I've done.

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting - shopping - at my neighbourhood antique shop, which is dangerously only a less than 10 minute walk up the road when my eye spied
this mug. a Fire King D handle breakfast mug. In Delphite Blue.

A lone survivor, the 3 siblings having succumbed to irreparable maiming in the kitchen sink crashes of 1972, 1973 and 1988.

It seemed a shame to separate him from his distant cousins the mixing bowls. The middle one still has nightmares of her favoured big sister
clattering to the floor at the hands of an inept yet eager 6 year old cookie maker.

Delphite, the tea mug now joins Lustre, the coffee mug
as my newest old favourite mugs.


  1. Haha, "the kitchen sink crashes of 1972, 1973 and 1988." I love that.

    These are such cool mugs. I knew a lady who was a caterer on the side, and she collected cool dishes for her events. She had about 50 green mugs like this she'd found on Ebay. Oh man, a mixing bowl would be awesome. Do you have one??

  2. Ruth, I have the 2 that are in the middle picture. Would you like the bigger of them - I don't bake, it might be happier with you. (email me)

  3. That's a good way to collect coffee mugs. I have decided to only buy coffee mugs that have my name on it. Yes, I know, I need a lot of affirmation about who I am. I like to see my name all over the place. On refrigerator magnets too.

  4. what a great find :) pleased it has a family..

  5. Irene: and you have such a useful name for collecting - it doesn't change no matter the language!

  6. Jazz: and of course, I didn't love them when I grew up with them, but now...paying a fortune to replace the ones that got away

  7. RD: little things like this please me no end

  8. Love this post!!!
    You have a great sense of humor my dear... and these mugs are so recognizable.. my parents had them at there camp.. and they are still there to this day..
    I never realized they were collector items...

  9. Gwen: Please impress upon them that these mugs should be taken care of and not tossed. We had a very hard time convincing my mother that her mugs had become quite valuable (which is why I have the only one lustre mug and my brother the one diamond patterned one that were in good condition)

    thanks - you and Ruth commenting on my bit of humour!

  10. Thanks VS... I am glad you pointed that out .. I will have to go an see how many are left..My brother is an avid collector of everything. I wonder if he knows....if not he'll be surprised..

    Don't know why I didn't realize they are collector items now since many years have passed since they originally were taken to the camp from some cheap box lot at a auction.. years have gone by..

    I should have known by looking in the mirror.. I wonder if I will be a collector item some day too.. Not...


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