Friday, November 14, 2008

What a week it has been.

Vera Duckworth dies on Coronation Street.
Kay Chancellor dies on the Young & the Restless.
each is an original cast member of their respective soap - in a sea of young newcomers.
But wait..........

Genoa City is about to be challenged in a way that Weatherfield could never imagine.


  1. Wow - it's been probably 15 years since I've seen a soap.

  2. Katherine Chancellor dead??? No way - that gal will outlive all of us!

  3. I can go for weeks or months and not watch, then get wrapped up in the story line...especially if it rains.

  4. pinklea: perhaps so. do you want updates next week?!

  5. I hope this doesn't mean "All My Children" is going to kill Joe Martin??!!

  6. geewits: is he still alive?? I haven't watched AMC in sooo long (it clashes with Days, y'see)

  7. Ah yes, Vera... I cried when she died and I cried even more when Jack just dissolved into tears yesterday.

    And oh oh oh Y&R... Victor comes back! With Ashley! Great episodes coming up for sure...


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