Saturday, August 3, 2013


We are enjoying a holiday weekend in these parts, though I will not be going anywhere. 
Because I hate having to deal with holiday traffic and crowds. 
But, let's pretend you are going away and need to find some accommodation for your road trip. 
You will want to stay in a modern, luxury motel.
And just for fun, let's pretend that you are back in 1953 or 1963.
And that you are cheap, and will send the free AAA postcard you find in your room.

First off, you need to know how many of you will be travelling together. If there are five of you, then this may be a good option for your first night. It is The Peace Bridge Motel and has a 'Family Room suitable for as many as five people' It is the 'largest and most modern motel in Western New York, located at the Buffalo exit from the Peace Bridge, minutes from Downtown Buffalo. Free television, telephone and air-conditioning in every room. Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge, Coffee Shop, Free parking. Owned and operated by Herman and Sarah Weinstein.' card sent April 1957
See how each person gets their own bed? No roll away or - shudder - camp cots for your party. This way everyone gets a good nights sleep and wakes up refreshed and happy!

Because it is about a 7 hour drive to your next destination.

Where you can stay at this new luxurious motor hotel

with 74 rooms, completely air conditioned, restaurant, heated swimming pool, TV in every room. One mile from downtown Washington, near Memorial and Key Bridges, Iwo Jima Statue, Tomb of Unknown Soldier, and Robert E Lee's House.' It is the Iwo Jima Motor Hotel (now a Best Western, though at one time was a Quality Inn). Then again, you may reconsider after reading the reviews on TripAdvisor. There were quite a few, even up to July and August 2013, and most were not exactly glowing. Judging by the picture, it is hard to tell that this is a ten minute walk from the Rosslyn Metro Station. Apparently there is not much else in the area so you may be glad of the train into Washington DC.

Have a good weekend, everybody!
Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. Maybe they were very nice when they first opened. I think air conditioning and a heated pool are always nice. Maybe I'm not picky enough. :)

    1. interestingly, it was the Canadians who gave the Iwo Jima such bad reviews - most of the other Americans had complaints, but were still satisfied!!
      From what I gather it hasn't been updated recently, so what was luxurious in 1960 isn't so much now :)

  2. Call me crazy (many do) but I'm not a big fan of sleeping on beds where who knows who else laid their head and did who knows what.
    Don't you just love the depictions of those 'modern' cars parked in the lot?

    1. I try not to think about that when I am about to lay my weary body on the bed. (and now, especially, after watching that Marketplace episode on hotel cleanliness. ewww)

      yeah, the cars are pretty cool - notice how many have the roof a completely different colour from the rest of the body?!

  3. I've done a lot of traveling over the past 20 years. This seems quite luxurious to me! Wonderful postcards!

    Happy PFF!

    1. We didn't do much travelling when I was young - at least not overnight. And later we had a trailer (caravan). But these do look fancier than anything I remember. Mostly our motels were of the 25-30 room on the highway in the middle of nowhere variety.

  4. Thanks for your nice thoughts of me in the comment you posted for my PFF entry. I was indeed dead tired but I am happy I pulled it off :)

    I wonder if you have a postcard with an old Holiday Inn hotel? I worked for the Intercontinental hotels group for three years and I'd be very happy to see how their old hotels looked like.

    Wish you a great week ahead! :)

    1. I think I have one so will look for it for next week.

  5. The rise of bedbugs has made staying at hotels a little more anxiety-provoking for me. I still do it, but I always check the mattress!


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